Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinkie Pie is Cutest Filly

Hello, internets! While it's not much I did manage to finish another quickie picture this afternoon, of our favorite party pony Pinkie Pie. ^.^ I've been pulling double hours at the studio lately but hopefully I'll be able to find some time for more fangeeking soon enough... must get my fix.

Until then cheers, dears!


Drawfriend Roundup #1

Hello, any and all who might actually be inclined to check out my little fanworks blog. ^.^ I recently got the idea, after several inquiries on Equestria Daily, to find or create one single place to post up all my pony fanarts, seeing as how they have a tendency to go astray when I submit them to Equestria Daily for Drawfriend. Quite understandable considering how busy Seth and his team stay... anyway though. Hopefully this shall serve as a nice convenient place to get them all online, for any who might be interested in checking them out~

All my current doodles to date, compiled in one post!


The very first piece I submitted for Drawfriend; don't judge me!

It had to be done.

This was actually one of my very first pony sketches, and it was the very first I slapped some color onto. I don't particularly care for it myself (I actually never even bothered submitting it), but that doesn't mean somepony else won't like it. Possibly.

This one actually did end up making an appearance on EqD, but not in Drawfriend (go figure). Yay random Rarity appearance~

One of the few that made it! And you'll have to excuse the less-then-stellar quality; my tablet's pressure sensitivity gave out halfway through but I finished with it anyway.

I actually drew and colored this at the same time as the previous three. Hence the shared questionable quality.

Evil, Discorded Fluttershy! I put a bit more time into this than most of the others, perhaps that shows.

I'm not sure what possessed me to make this, but I am glad something did. ^^

The most recent picture I finished. I think those creepy mugs would give me recurring nightmares, too.


That's all for now, hopefully more to come soon though!