Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Massive Post of Pony Miscellanea

Good evening darlings! At long last, after weeks of sitting on some of these things I've returned to the internet and find myself with sufficient free time to contribute to the pony fandom once again, so have one massive compilation post filled with various artworks, photos, and other assorted tidbits, some of which are long overdue at this point! First up is a very special project, made as a birthday gift for a very dear friend of mine, the fabulous and exceedingly talented fanfiction writer Ponydora Prancypants. As some of you may know, I have been employed at a ceramics studio at least part time for a good while now, and amongst my other duties I am occasionally responsible for painting ceramic pieces or helping to teach others to do so. For my notorious coffee-guzzling friend I decided that a travel tumbler featuring his favorite pony might be an appropriate gift, so I painted a scene of Rarity inspired by a deviantART muro drawing on a preexisting bisque piece that was special ordered for just the occasion, which is fully functional in addition to being a one-of-a-kind handpainted artwork.Unfortunately due to the three-dimensional nature of the piece it doesn't photograph exceptionally well (even if I was a decent photographer, which I'm sorry to say that I'm not really) but still, with any luck you all can get the general idea.

And a couple additional photos, including a bonus shot of the underside. I'm happy to say that he seemed to enjoy it very much!

Next, have some assorted fanart pieces, first of which is Spike who until recently, I think I had only ever hastily sketched once or twice, I'm ashamed to say. This picture was inspired by my dearest friend Harwick, whose descriptions of Spike's character as a youngster who "needs to be put to bed, reminded not to give himself tummy aches, all of that" in a post struck me as being so incredibly sweet and endearing that I was instantly consumed with the mental image of a cute sleepy Spike in footie pajamas, which I just had to draw. Now, while Spike is a baby dragon I realize he's not an absolute infant and honestly has shown incredibly maturity for his age in the past, but still, I really couldn't help myself with this one... please don't hate me Spike fans~ ^.^;;

To help make up for Spike's apparent lack of indignation in the above image, perhaps, have some assorted doodles of him dealing with the others' reactions. I have to say, that after all of this time of never drawing him I found this exceptionally fun to do.

And lastly in the vein of new artwork, have an adorable Applejack that I simply couldn't resist coloring. Because she is a cute precious pony. Darling Applejaaaack~~! <3 <3

And that is all on the fanart front! Or, at least when it comes to my own works. For other assorted fangeekery on my part as well as some photos of various goodies, please read more after the break! <3


So, yes! It's the blog post that just keeps going on forever, hoorah. I was recently surprised and delighted, not once but twice within the same week, by packages arriving in the mail, courtesy of my dearest Harwick who is as immensely sweet and thoughtful as he is talented as an artist. Knowing what a massive, incurable fan of Applejack and Rarity that I am he sent me several little gifts which inspired some photos, so I thought I would share them with you all~

First off, something that started as a bit of a joke, or an offhanded remark on my part anyhow. I had made mention one day after seeing a giant Fashion Rarity figure at my local Target that it would have to be tremendous fun to make tiny pony-outfits out of my fabric scraps for said figure, and Harwick apparently loved the idea so much that he saw fit to send me a giant Rarity of my own, so that I wouldn't be able to use the fact that I didn't have one as an excuse not to follow through, apparently. Here she is, newly liberated from her shipping box beside my own Applejack and Rarity brushables for size comparison... she really is quite impressive in stature.

So no, I haven't gotten around to sewing her any tiny outfits yet, but I did at least manage to style her mane, which she seemed to appreciate. And how convenient that I just so happen to have a tiny cheval-style mirror her size!

Next up was a special molded-hair Applejack figurine that was sold as part of a set, apparently. I still need to make a (properly-sized) hat for her, but in the meantime I guess this Australian slouch hat that I randomly have in my possession is better than nothing...

Along with Fashion Rarity had come a special bonus surprise, and what a surprise (and bonus) it was. An oil diffuser, but not just any scent... Applejack is intrigued.

Yes, it really is Applejack-scented oil, and let me tell you, it smells as absolutely divine as it sounds! <3

Lastly, just a little bonus photo of my entire pony collection to date, insofar as figurines and the like that is. With the exception of the two brushables from before that I bought for myself all were gifts or special-made pieces at least, and I adore and am grateful for every one of them. <3 I'm also going to be needing a larger shelf soon, I can only imagine.

If it wasn't clear enough by now that Harwick is an absolute dear and far too good to me, I am entirely elated to be able, at last, to share with permission two beyond-precious artworks which he was exceedingly sweet and generous to make for me, the cuteness of which probably defies mere words. So yes, just look at them, and either comment on his blog post and/or go bug him on his primary deviantART account to tell him how amazing he is (because truly, he is). Agh, too ridiculously cute for words~!! <3 <3 <3

(The last one came with the darling little molded-hair figurine... squeee!! <3)

That is all for now I'm afraid, but haha, I suppose it's quite enough anyhow. Despite this massive rambling post and the huge dump of various fanart projects on my behalf I should actually have something else new to share soon with any luck, and I look forward to being able to do so with you all at that point. Until that time then, cheers friends! <3



Ricardo said... Reply to comment
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zhoomcar said... Reply to comment

By golly, Di - it's "Diabetes - The Blog Post™"! Awesome cup, Love that adorable Spike, and your pony collection, and everything is most fabulous! Harwick keeps proving himself to be the most adorable person ever, dammit. Seriously, that card hit me right in the squee.

I only just came back from a rather tiring but again fabulous shopping event. I would have wanted more clothes for winter here, but... I guess there's next time. Yay new warm, trendy wearables!

AJ said... Reply to comment

If ever a blog post lived up to its title, this one does! It is indeed a massive post of odds and ends, and all of it adorable!

I know I've already told you so many times, but I truly love Ponydora's travel tumbler! Having a hand-painted work of White Diamonds Rarity artwork is likely the best thing ever, and this came out awesome! I love "beatnik" Rarity, and the "Seaddle" skyline behind her. As I keep stressing, you seriously need to offer a pony line of hand-painted ceramic goods.

Next, I finally get to see bedtime Spike, and he really is overly adorable! The footie pajamas really sells the image, but his sleepy expression and dragging dragon plush seal the deal. Lovely and vibrant coloring as always, too! It really is great to see you tackle him finally, and then you go an pile on with such outstanding reaction sketches... Seriously, you know how much I love your sketchwork and character expressions, and you sell all of their personalities in such outstanding style... I could not be more jealous of your talent there. You display such an extreme range of faces without ever pushing them so far as to lose their inherent cuteness... What an absolute treat it would be to get an issue of the official comic done in your art style. I especially love Pinkie's matching outfit enthusiasm!

And then you whip up some full-color Applejack on a whim! Such a beautifully vibrant color shot of the humble pony... her blush adds just the right cap to her expression. I do love the subtle shading you've done with her (and her hair especially).

Ha! It's great that you have a little standing mirror that's just Fashion Rarity's size. I'm looking forward to your creation of enchanting ensembles for the plastic darling! And nice job on her mane styling...

Of course, now I want to see you in that Australian slouch hat... In any event, I am so glad that you enjoyed your gifts, and that Applejack smells as lovely as one might have hoped from a sweaty farm workhorse. You really are too kind you plug my sketches on your own blog, but of course I'm most happy that you enjoyed them. You're really far too adorable yourself and naturally treasured as one of my dearest friends!

PonydoraPrancypants said... Reply to comment

Dear, dear Di, how I adore you so! First of all, I'm tremendously honored that my fabulous Rari-tumbler merited top billing. I love it so very much. It is not only beautiful, and a stunning example of your brilliant talent, it also truly is one of my most prized and treasured possessions (though that doesn't prevent me from using it regularly!).

I have to admit, though, that filling this post with a present for me and a bunch of presents from Harwick does make me appear a bit of a boor or a cad. I promise, folks, I'm soft enough under my hard candy shell!

Really, though, everyone - is this tumbler not the BEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN? I second and third and fourth Harwick's motion that Di make and sell a line of these beautiful and functional artworks.

Now, "Spikefest": This is a real treat - all six girls and Spike, with some of the most adorable expressions and poses I've ever seen. I'm reminded all over again of everything I love about your style, with its softness, joyful designs, and evocative expressions. Pinkie in her zip-up pajamas is probably one of the greatest things I've ever seen, or at least it would be if not for fuming Spike, and "cheek-squeeze" Spike. Good gravy, girl, you really, really, REALLY can draw. I would be a happy person with a tenth of your natural talent. Just looking at this one makes me want to hug something.

Apple-shucks: I'd seen a preview for this when it was just an uncolored sketch, but I must say that the warm colors really add a lot to this one. Now that I'm officially a converted "Apple-fan," I've been on the lookout for great Applejack pictures. Surprise, surprise, I love yours the most. I've always especially loved the way you color her hair, which is just so perfect and beautiful, and in this particular artwork, I love her "'t'ain't nothin' 't'all" expression.

Harwickerie: I've seen those artworks he did for you before, but they really never get any less lovely and charming, do they? That guy is a stand-up citizen, I tell you! Really, it was lovely to send you the giant "Fashion-style" Rarity for you to adorn with miniaturized raiments fit for a Princess, and the picture of her with the mirror is too cute. I also had no idea you owned a slouch hat, but I also want to see you wear it. Ha! As for Applejack-scented oil, I can only wistfully wonder at its no-doubt delightful aroma, and imagine you reclining, sipping something sweet, and enjoying the scent of apple-ness wafting about the house. It sounds rather heavenly, I admit!

Thank you so much, dear friend, for kicking off a new post with so much fabulousity and loveliness, and for you yourself being such a dear friend and host to all of us who frequent these parts. We're all just too fortunate to get to share in the joy and beauty you contribute to the world.

Multifish said... Reply to comment

Dear, oh dear. It seems every blog post you make results in the softest smile on my face and an instant addition to a pony picture collection folder. The sweetest stories are always told, and the most cordial comments I ever did see are found directly beneath. Astonishing work, you upper denizens of creativity. Each one of you is a solid, shining gem in not just this community, but the world in general!

Harwick, you delightful rogue, you. As usual you put on a gorgeous display of grace through your art, and that Hearts & Hooves Day card is so dastardly sweet, I might just have to utilize it (with your permission) when next February rolls round!

And Madame Diamonds, I implore you to never cease working on your art. Whether digital or physical, you're a creative master when it comes to pastel equines (and I'm sure other subjects, too!) and the apparent ease of your talent is simply mind boggling! As a coffee aficionado myself, I can only stew in appreciative jealousy at Master Prancypants' mug. Gorgeous work.

This turned into far more of an ego-stroke than I intended it to, but it seems to me that you are well worth the praise. Oh, and Pranypants too. As remiss as I am to admit it, you deserve that mug. Keep working, keep striving, and keep creating, you lot! You're the people that can light up the lives of others! (But don't burn yourselves out!)

CaineScroll said... Reply to comment

I really do agree with the others that it really has been quite some time since the last blog post, and I'm also mildly surprised to find that nearly half of the year has gone by already. And on the blog post itself, I think it really does live up to its name; I can't remember the last time I saw this much pony in a single blog post for ages! That's a nifty tumbler that you made for Prancypants, and I have to admit that your house makes for a perfect photo studio for ponies, if nothing else. I see Harwick's also been pretty busy lately; I was actually wondering what he'd been up to lately. Nice work!

AJ said... Reply to comment

@zhoomcar Heh... I'm glad you enjoyed the card, and I'm also glad that Di kept pushing me to make it available for others to see it as well.

I much prefer winter to summer clothes, myself... except when laundry day comes around, that is.


Knowing your levels of generosity personally, I can't even imagine anyone thinking you a cad... but then I suppose I'm privileged enough to have known what you have done for both myself and others. So let it be known to one and all: Aside from being extraordinarily generous with his talent for writing, penning everything from full-blown stories for dear friends to songs to caption blurbs, the esteemed Mr. Prancypants has obtained signatures of much-loved celebrities for others, commissioned works, gifted objects and helped me make some very tasty sandwiches! His contributions to the field of Friendship have been many and commendable, and any and all would be blessed to count him among their friends.

And man, that tumbler is awesome. You lucky dog.


Naturally you're welcome to use the Valentine's day card yourself, and once again thanks go to Di for prodding me to share it with everyone... She really is oddly wonderful, so there's really no limit to the amount of praise you can send her way. Thank you kind words towards me as well!


Hey there! I had been pretty busy for a few weeks in there, as home life and work piled on all at once. These little images are old (the Valentine's one) and quick (the Rarity/toy sketch), but hopefully I'll have some more elaborate things coming eventually. There's something fun in the works that I think fans here will enjoy especially.

Here's hoping you're doing well yourself, which extends to everyone at Di's blog!

Captain Wolfy said... Reply to comment

Hurrah! You weren't eaten by sharks.. or something..

While I'm only just now posting, I've admired your art for a well over a year now (may well be two - time slips that way). Even before I knew about your blog, your pieces would always stand out as I mindlessly wandered Google Images. They display that same innocence and simple cuteness which drew me to the cartoon that inspired them, and it's clear that you put some love into what you do.

You've also been one of my biggest inspirations in learning to draw. I'm still quite.. new.. to avoid expletives, but I may never have started had I not wandered here and seen that art can be a joyous thing, and not just 2-D labor. And my bias against artists as people was lifted seeing how civil and caring you are to your friends and followers.

So, before I lose my train of thought, I'll sum up my sycophantic rambling by saying: Thank you for being you. Keep doing what you love, when you love it.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

ooooooh. New AJ picture. Can never have enough new AJ pictures.

I find that I keep coming back to that bottom sketch of Fluttershy hugging Spike, though...it's just so damned *charming*. All three expressions are perfect.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


I know, it really has been, I'm sorry! I'm afraid I don't have any excuse beyond the generic (but nonetheless true) 'I have been preoccupied and not as active online as I maybe should have been recently', but thank you very much for the compliments as I'm sincerely glad you enjoyed. Expect more in the near enough future as well as I said! <3


Yes, Harwick really is adorable, and do tell him so! He needs to hear it more often, since I'm sure the words coming from me must be losing their impact at this point. Aren't those Rarijack-ish images just the sweetest things ever?? I adore them both so much, and my cute little pony-toys and Applejack & Peel scented room as well... truly, I wish you all could experience just how delightfully intoxicating it smells in here right now, because no mere words could ever do it justice.

Anyhow though, thank you so much for the lovely compliments dear! I had a great deal of fun working on all of these projects, and Ponydora's cup was well-received which was all I could have ever asked for. And yes, I smile whenever I pass the pony-shelf as well; as if the little ones weren't cute enough themselves, the thought behind them all always warms the heart. Also, hooray shopping! I envy you, not just for that (an afternoon well spent, by the sound of things) but for your delightful wintery weather as well... of course, in my part of the world summer is unfortunately just about to start, but at least the temperatures this past week have been quite lovely... definitely a welcome change from the triple digits we were experiencing a week prior, bleh~

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Heeheehee, hello my dear. Yes, at long last here are the photos and artworks that I have been promising you for weeks now... I really am sorry that this took me so long to do, but I have to admit I found it rather fun (and funny) to write up such a massive compilation post as a result all the same! As I've told you, I'm so happy that you enjoyed all of the artworks; I truly had such a great time making them, and as far as the Spike pictures in particular go, you alone were responsible for inspiring me to create the original colored image, and then all of those silly little following doodles as a result. You know how much I adore your own artwork, and love your own pony-expressions (a recent Applejack in particular especially comes to mind..!), so the fact that you in turn think highly of what I do is really incredible praise, and I appreciate it more than I can state. Thank you so much! <3

Haha yes, me and my little toys I know... I suppose, even now I've never quite outgrown my childhood fondness for playing with little plastic ponies. They're all just so adorable! And I think you are responsible for a good half of the ones I own being in my possession, so again, there's that. I told you when we originally discussed Fashion Rarity that I had a mirror which would be a perfect size for her, and yes, I will eventually create plenty of little outfits for her to model in it too, I do believe (quite honestly, I'm looking forward to it more than I should probably admit). As for that fabulous apple-gift you sent me, harrumph, "sweaty farm workhorse", nothing! Dearest Applejack smells of earth and apples and, err, all of the comforts of home, which in this case are apparently fresh-baked goods, warm cinnamon and some really lovely liquor. I'm telling you, in a word delicious and really, I can only thank you so much once again for being so thoughtful. <3

Regarding your artworks, you already know that the pleasure was entirely my own in this case, since indeed I've been practically begging you to share the Valentine image since February! (So adorable~ <3) I'm still not giving up hope that you may eventually consent to putting them up in your scraps at least on deviantART, but even if not, I'm so glad that others will have the ability to enjoy them now.

Hm, the slouch hat is certainly not anything I would consider to be my style, but with all you have done for me in mind, I may just have to see what I can do I suppose.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Ah, Ponydora-darling, somehow it always does feel like it's been far too long, and as always it's such a delight to hear from you! It was my pleasure to get the photos of your gift up at last, and again, I can only apologize that it took me as long as it did to do so... still, even now it tickles me to hear that it has served its purpose and delighted you as well as held your caffeinated beverages for you, haha. I was absolutely happy to do it for you, and I appreciate the praise as well as the encouragement to make more similar types of pieces in the future. Your enthusiasm, and Harwick's regarding the idea have meant a lot, and certainly, it's a possibility that I am not ruling out at all! ^_~

Hahaha, "Spikefest"... I'm so glad that you all seem to have enjoyed those little doodles, because again, I had a tremendous amount of fun making them all! Pinkie is one of my favorites on that page as well (hers was actually the final one I did after pondering her reaction to Spike's pajamas for some time, and I thought it felt appropriately Pinkie-like), though personally I am also quite fond of the final affectionate moment between Spike and Fluttershy (I really ought to draw more of that pony). And as for Applejack, if you have truly come to appreciate her more and if it was even in some small part due to my own artworks and/or enthusiasm, then I can only say I feel as though I have done a great service to the world by sharing my boundless affection for her, haha. I always feel she could use more love so am more than happy to draw her whenever possible, and I am truly so elated that you like her! <3

What is it with you two and the slouch hat? Is it simply because the idea of me wearing such a thing is so entirely ridiculous (because honestly, it is)? Anyhow yes, concerning the Applejack-oil that is a pretty accurate description really, an experience that doubtless could only be improved by the ability to savor one of your highly regarded Applejack concoctions as I reclined and basked in the heavenly aroma... someday, we really do need to make that happen. And yes, Harwick is a dear as we all know quite well; I am eternally grateful that I am able to know him, and you, and all of the rest of you who help to brighten my life on a continual basis.

On that note lastly, but certainly not least, never-ever, under any circumstances feel that you do not do enough for me my dear... like Harwick, I sometimes think you are far too thoughtful and generous towards me as it is. The fault is likely mine here for not properly showcasing all that you have done for me in the past, but rest assured anyone reading, it is quite a lot! Lots of little gifts like that fabulous pillow, the Rarity mug I still need to get some photos of someday (I use her all the time you know; she always seems to understand me and brightens my day) and other assorted goodies, some not-at-all little gifts like Tabitha St. Germain's autograph (I mean honestly!), and not to mention the utterly amazing, enrapturing, brilliant displays of talent showcased in the fabulous pony fanfictions you have written for me on not one, but two separate occasions! I assure you, THIS story remains one of my favorite things ever and I still melt whenever I read it (which considering just how many times I've read it, really is very impressive). Most definitely everyone, if there are any of you who have not yet read the story, I promise you that it is fully deserving of your time and attention.

Thank you ever so much again, darling! <3

zhoomcar said... Reply to comment


The amount of Rarity (and Applejack in your collection just astounds me a little. Sure, they regularly come pre-packaged with other random coloured ponies (I have three Twilight Sparkles, three Rarities, four Pinkie Pies, and so on...), but your collection really is quite cute.

Shopping is always nice, too, until I think about the various other things I could have used that money on, but at least pretty pretty clothes. For a long while I've quite lacked in winter clothes, I guess some shopping was in order. Meanwhile, winter approaches, but while we can't complain about snow we will complain about how relatively cold it is here nonetheless. For that matter I kinda miss summer and its opportunities for wearing silly colours.

As for that hat, everyone would really wonder why you would "randomly have one in your possession". Did it come with the hat rack, or did you just stumble inside to find Applejack attempting the wear the thing?

...perhaps you could send aromas by mail? -rolls around-

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh, Multifish dear, it really has been so long! We don't have the pleasure of your company often enough around here, but I have to say that it always is a joy whenever you do chance to stop by.

Thank you so much for the positively glowing commentary my friend, I truly do appreciate it so much! You have always been very kind and supportive and it means a great deal to me, and I do certainly count myself lucky to have such an amazing bunch of friends. I hope, if you ever feel inclined simply to join in the conversation here, you will feel very welcome as well!


Ah, my long-lost CaineScroll, hello there! <3 I know I said it on the last blog-thread as well, but really I do miss our correspondences and it's very nice to see you posting around here... thank you very much for the kind praise of Ponydora's tumbler and the like. I can only imagine you've been staying quite busy with school and such recently... how has that been going, and has anything else new and exciting been going on with you lately?

@Captain Wolfy

Oh, my goodness, what an absolutely lovely and rather touching comment this is; thank you so very much for stopping by here and taking the time to leave a post! First off, I have to say it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and secondly I really don't believe I could thank you enough for the generous words and very kind support; for me, creating these artworks absolutely is a labor of love and is an experience that I thoroughly enjoy sharing with the community, so the fact that you enjoy what I do in turn means a lot to me. To hear in addition that I have managed to inspire you, even a little bit in what you do is by far the highest compliment anyone could ever pay me, so again thank you so much, and please keep at what you love and enjoy--never stop.

I hope that if at any time in the future you feel inclined to stop by again and join in the conversation here, you'll feel free!


Mwee, so many names I have missed seeing all coming out of the woodwork these past few days... hello there dear! Thank you so much as always for your very kind words concerning my artwork; of course, I concur wholeheartedly with your sentiments about Applejack, and as I mentioned to Ponydora in my reply to him I will agree that the picture of Fluttershy and Spike (and oh, let us not forget Angel) may well be my favorite on that page of sketches as well. I really am so glad you enjoyed them, and thank you very much for commenting... I'm afraid that I've been away from deviantART again for quite some time now, something I really need to remedy, but while I have been how have things been going with you, and on the art front recently?

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh, there you are dear! You comment-ninja'd me, haha. Yes, much like my favorites on deviantART, or my own fanart gallery for that matter it really is hard to miss that while I do love "Friendship is Magic" in general and all of the ponies, Rarity and Applejack are pretty special to me... I guess they both always have been my favorites since I first got into the series, though I'll admit Applejack has continued to climb in my affections over time (while I have always very obviously adored Rarity). As I said in my comments on the figure collection photo, with the exception of the two little standard-sized brushable figures every pony you see on that shelf was a gift of some form or another, or in the case of the three handmade Rarity pieces by dustysculptures I guess you could say they were presented as a very special offer. Dusty also sent the little Applejack with her Rarity plushie as a gift to me a little over a year ago as you may recall, and all of the other figures (and one Rarity card) were courtesy of either Harwick, Jody, and one certain anonymous benefactor who I could never thank enough (the little mini-felt Rarity plush with her adorable sewing glasses). I'm immensely grateful for all of them and continue to find them all very squee-worthy, so I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them too.

Hm, I suppose I can see what you mean about winter and missing summer, because before I lived in an area where it can get quite so hot I used to be able to enjoy quite a few things about the latter. And I guess, even now there are some perks to it. And as for the hat, truth be told I have had it for ages now and honestly can't even remember exactly where it came from, though I seem to recall it being presented to me as a gift for whatever reason. Again, I would not at all say it's my style, obviously, but I've held onto it all these years for some reason... perhaps I somehow foresaw back then that it might someday make for a cute photo with a little orange plastic pony. ^_~

And hey, if Harwick could do it then I don't see why not, after all!

Captain Wolfy said... Reply to comment

While I'm not a conversational sort, I greatly appreciate knowing that I'm welcome, thank you. I'll at least be lurking about, as I have been.

Also love your stuff, Harwick. The shading in particular always seems to have been done with great care, which does a fine job of suggesting a third dimension.

I've yet to read any of your work, Ponydora, but fully intend to and am looking forward to it.

A belated happy Memorial Day, by the way.

Captain Wolfy said... Reply to comment

Wait.. Memorial Day hadn't passed yet, has it?
You know what's a useful? Calendars.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

There's no need to apologize for real life getting in the way of you coming to play ponies with us. Just because the stars bring such delight when they are in view, there's no need to curse the heavens when they are not.

Art front's been busy, our dear friend Prancypants tapped me on the shoulder for a little collaborative work based on a conversation that he had here in your delightful parlour:
It was quite a bit of fun to draw.

(Speaking of real life getting in the way of playing ponies, this took me a week longer to do than expected because I kept having to stay late at work crushing mayonnaise packets until they exploded. My day job is weird that way.)

Oh, and I am about to make the boldest leap out of the brony closet to date: I'm heading to a convention in Cincinnati next weekend, one Cutie Mark Con. It saddens me that they nearly pulled a Las Pegasus and had to cancel the half of the guest list that made plunk down for a badge in the first place. It almost breaks my heart that I'm going to miss my chance to pester Andrea Libman with my picture: http://obsequiosity.deviantart.com/art/Pinkie-Rockwell-362190698
Or Brenda Crichlow:

At least I have Matt "Hayseed Turniptruck" Hill to annoy.

Oh well; at least I didn't buy an artist table. It's still a three day weekend road-trip, and Cinci has a zoo and an art museum I haven't been to yet. If any of you are in the area next weekend, drop me a line and the first round of Burning River Pale Ales are on me.

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Captain Wolfy said... Reply to comment

Haha, good on ya', it is cool.

Multifish said... Reply to comment


Hah! Seeing you get sentimental over all of your reader's returning for your latest post is the epitome of sweet, you know? The only solution to keep chatting with the wonderful people that make up your own wonderful fanbase is to keep arting, and keep posting! No pressure, of course! ;)

AJ said... Reply to comment


Ha! Congrats! That's very cool to have one of the stars of the show admire your work.

@Captain Wolfy

Thanks for the kind words, Cap! I appreciate them!

CaineScroll said... Reply to comment

Well, things have been busy of late, and I'm stretched to breaking point. but I'm doing slightly better now; at least there's still time for me to catch my breath. Sorry I've been far too "lost" these days; I'm finding it more and more difficult to write coherent replies to anything ever since degree started. Not to mention I have to correct anyone who thinks design is an easy field to study in! D:

Meanwhile, thanks to a certain root vegetable and gluebottle whose names I don't wish to disclose, I'm now called...pwetty pwetty Pwincess Scwollsie.*

*You know who you are!

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zhoomcar said... Reply to comment


So... Equestria Girls is just over the horizon for you US people (and by extension Canada), and is slated for a September DVD release here in Australia...

Who's ready for the end?

Captain Wolfy said... Reply to comment


-This is the end - My only friend, the end-
Or however that song went.

I'm not likely to go see it in theaters, but I'm ready.
I'll at least heat up some popcorn and watch the sparks fly on the forums/Memebase/etc.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

@Captain Wolfy
Indeed. I felt like a creepy old geezer hanging out at a convention with kids just a couple years younger. Movie matinee is out of the question unless the local Art Theatre picks it up "ironically".

zhoomcar said... Reply to comment

-does a little dance-
Gosh, Di, you've certainly been gone long. Come back to us soon! -throws a cake at the pwincess-

CaineScroll said... Reply to comment


I actually had cake today, for that matter. HAH! C:<

That aside, Di really has been gone for quite some time. I hope everything's still okay with everyone! :C

Anon said... Reply to comment

A very late welcome back! I'm sorry to say I've been quite inactive for the past month, or even longer... I wouldn't want you to ever consider that I may have lost interest in your art or our insightful community here at the blog, because that's certainly not the case at all. There has always been something to keep me from catching up, and I cannot express how I've missed the fun discussion and company of friends. But at least now there is so much to see and talk about, and it's no doubt you've been busy, I hardly know where to begin! You must keep a lot of this pony business to yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if you've found that magic mirror to Equestria by now and you're planning to persuade Applejack and Rarity to spend a night out stargazing.

Truly, there's no more stylish way to commute than with a drinking vessel hand painted by the one and only WhiteDiamonds. Really, it may be time for your work to spread to Etsy, because this design is pretty perfect. The contrast of a minimalist Seaddle backdrop is one of my favorite parts of this design, either suggesting Rarity is traveling through town Broadway style or cleanly
directing attention to the girl on the go. Your traditional painted style is reminiscent of cafe murals and bar paintings from a time before mass-produced Starbucks logo-bearing cups. It's not an easy feat to evoke a timeless atmosphere with a single drinking cup, but you never cease to amaze. Anyone would be crazy not to love a work of art like this as a gift. Terrific job!

Onwards to Spike! It's only your second try at drawing him, and you're already a master. Every part of this series of Spike and Mane 6 is true to character, full of charm, and a clear display of your outstanding talent in character expressions. I feel as though they could all be frames of an animation, they're just so naturally bright and alive. Harwick put it better than I ever could have; your expressions convey every subtlety of a character's personality, but never to such extremes that they defeat the simplistic, stylistic cuteness of ponies. That is easily one of the most uniquely impressive qualities of your work, and the result is lots of fun. Also, if I may add, that plush dragon and suitably dressed Pinkie Pie are ingenious. I'm sure if it meant he could sleep through Winter Wrap Up, Spike would gladly wear sleeper pajamas.

It's hard not to agree with you on Applejack when you draw her so convincingly adorable. I love the bright, vibrant colors of this piece, as they form a refreshingly energetic daytime atmosphere. It's a style that seems to be popular among the Japanese fan artists, and I personally think it adds a lot of flavor and emotion to an image. Her mane in particular is especially well-rendered along every twist, lock and curve. Though her body language suggests she has finally found the attention she deserves, this scene could hypothetically be the morning after a night out stargazing, perhaps.

It always makes me happy to see your fans show their appreciation in the form of assorted pony sculptures and figurines (and scented oil diffusers, if they're the really tasteful sort). That's quite the treasure trove of pony gifts you've brought together! Each piece has its own story, but they all came from the same love of your work, and for the unsurpassable human being who created it. In some ways, this simple photo is more beautiful than any gift art.

Speaking of Rarijack sculptures, well... We don't often get to talk about Rarijack sculptures, so this one immediately brought you to mind. And it's okay, Diamonds, I know it's you.

Anon said... Reply to comment


Activity may come and go, but always remember that she is watching over. Unless her Y&R marathon is on. In that case, you're on your own.

AJ said... Reply to comment


Or at least animatics! Oh, lord... how nice it was to get some good, true, new pony material! My observations:

It's looking like the Equestrian Games will be a background story arc, much like the Grand Galloping Gala was in Season one. Judging by the episode data in the bottom right corner, the games still haven't happened by Episode 5 of the new season, but Ms. Harshwhinny is selecting some flag bearers for the various pony cities/regions/whatever. Nice confirmation that Scoots truly can't fly, finally, and it seems like it'll likely be the thrust of the episode. Will she learn, or will they actually confirm that she's likely to remain unable? Diamond Tiara does point out that a pegasus of her age should be able to fly by now.

Episode 6 brings Power Ponies! Seems likely to be a Spike-POV episode. Are they in one of his comics, and how did they get there? I love the Medusa/Doc Ock-Pony villain, and I can't wait to see the full pony costume designs. I couldn't catch most of the names though... Radiance, Zap, Mistress Mare-something, and... Saddle Ranger, perhaps?

Episode 9 song! Is Pinkie related to the Apples? It seems like the general idea of the song... Granny Smith even sings "You're always welcome with your Apple kin!" right before Pinkie excitedly joins in with her verse and the chorus ("We're Apples together, Apples forever! We're family and so much more. No matter what comes we will face the weather. We're Apples to the core!") Damn catchy. Where are they going with a cart full of belongings as the seasons seem to change around them?

And finally, the footage from the Season opener. Is Nightmare Moon back? It seems more likely from the dialog that Twilight is getting a "Quantum Leap" style history lesson about Princesshood. Great fun hearing Tabitha cut lose with Luna again.

I really loved all of this stuff... I so want Season 4 already!

Anon said... Reply to comment


Ah, it's been a little while, hasn't it? How has everyone been for these busy, less pony-centric days? I hope my seat is still where I left it. I need that to ramble with.

If you trust it, this Tumblr post has a bit more information on the coming season. I enjoyed the development of Season 1's Gala arc, so it's going to be fun to see that motion return for Season 4.

Now that so many fanfics have been made on the subject of Scootaloo's wings, it seems she's finally going to have the episode fans have been waiting so long for. This probably won't be Scoots' Cutie Mark Chronicle, as I expect all three CMCs will gain their marks in the same episode. Once a member of the Program learns the secret of cutie mark acquisition, the rest will likely follow along. (I bet I look pretty silly to WhiteDiamonds right now.)

If "Power Ponies" is a Power Rangers reference, I hope they at least wear checkered jumpsuits, or I'm going to feel cheated. A vector artist has already colored the outfits with similar designs to the Gala dresses. (Be forewarned; the vector's resolution is absurd.) This is likely Spike's dream however, so I expect the Ponies will rely on him to save the day in the end. Let's all just imagine he's dreaming this while wearing yellow pajamas.

As names go, Applejack is "Mistress Marevellous", and after isolating Spike's voice from the crowd, I think Pinkie Pie's name is two words long, and the second word sounds like it could be "Girl". The arrows on her costume and zigzags in her mane and tail suggest that she is based on The Flash. Derpibooru seems to think her name is "Zip" (Zip Girl?), and Twilight is somehow "Twilihorn". Bah. You're of no help, Derpibooru.

It seems no matter where Pinkie goes, she never looks like the rest of her family. Is pink coloring a recessive gene that she got from Granny Pie? After listening to it again, these are the first lines I heard of "Apples Forever":

We travel the road of generations
Joined by a common
...bond? Barn? Yarn? Could they be searching for the missing link connecting the Apple and Pie families? Either way, the Apples must be the only ponies who can teach Pie to be a better baker.

You're exactly right; Season 4 will be our opportunity to see first-hand how it all started. Twilight had better be careful not to mess with history too much. If "Back To The Future" fans don't draw fanart of that, the "Doctor Who" fans certainly will.

Here's an interesting aside; did you know that our very own WhiteDiamonds, Harwick, CaineScroll and RenaTurnip all have their own Reddit domains? It's not exactly a subreddit, but I don't honestly know what the difference is, and it looks to be a fitting place for fans to discuss immensely talented artists like ours and wonder where Scootaloo's gone.

Anon said... Reply to comment

Children of the Night has finally been released!

And it's magnificent! Wow... Even the animation quality of the actual show cannot match most of its scenes. Each part made me feel more that this is the pony movie fans really needed. The nighttime atmosphere of Canterlot is enchanting, placing you between lush clouds and the glow of moonlight. Even with the premise of leaving home to somewhere far away, set to music of a decidedly somber tone, the emotions it incites are of wonder and peace.

An expert job by Richard Sirois and Jordana G. Of all fan animation projects, this is one of the few I'm most glad to have seen to its completion. Productions like these are what make fandoms like ours so unforgettable.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Shucks. I saw our delightful hostess out and about on DA, and thought maybe this place picked up again. I kinda miss you guys.

zhoomcar said... Reply to comment

Well, i did make an attempt at posting something here. But Blogger keeps eating my comments.

Yay, Di's back! -celebratory dance-

Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment


Hey, guess what you lose when your hard drive gets wiped? All of your bookmarks! You even forget what most of them are. Fortunately, SOMEone posted some pictures on DA, and then a Rarity episode happened.

In fact, an Applejack episode happened and then a Rarity episode happened, forcing me to return to you and discuss what we have learned about your favorite topic, Rarijack.

The key here is that episodes don't just spotlight one character, they're written with that character's worldview. Daring Do is written through Rainbow Dash colored glasses, which means it's about how cool Rainbow Dash is compared to someone else. Her friends all lurk in the background, with Twilight as a faint voice of reason and everyone else just 'there'.

For your giggly schoolgirl pleasure, let's apply this to the last two episodes. In an episode that was supposed to be about Applejack and Fluttershy, Rarity was remarkably visible. Pinkie and Rainbow Dash are present, but as brief moments of silliness or whining about how desperate Rainbow Lush is for booze. Rarity speaks frequently and has an influential opinion on everything and a specific reaction to everything. Applejack notices Rarity. What she notices is that Rarity is extremely girly, and not much else, but she's very aware of it!

Rarity, in turn, also notices Applejack even when Pinkie, Dash, and Fluttershy fade into the background. Far from what you'd expect by the first season, in Rarity's world Applejack has a strong personality, is blunt and wise at the same time, and always does the right thing. It might be worth rewatching the episode to see how Applejack moves. I didn't pay attention to that the first time, and we'd be seeing how Applejack looks through Rarity's eyes.

So! Latest canon Rarijack score: They're at the exact emotional stage predicted by 'they haven't figured out their feelings yet' Rarijack shipping. Merry Christmas!

Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

For those worried about our wonderful blog host: I have just found out that she is merely very busy with multiple jobs, not hurt or in trouble.

I was worried, and even worried that she might be dead, so I'm posting this here to soothe anyone else who felt like I did.

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