Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Massive Post of Pony Miscellanea

Good evening darlings! At long last, after weeks of sitting on some of these things I've returned to the internet and find myself with sufficient free time to contribute to the pony fandom once again, so have one massive compilation post filled with various artworks, photos, and other assorted tidbits, some of which are long overdue at this point! First up is a very special project, made as a birthday gift for a very dear friend of mine, the fabulous and exceedingly talented fanfiction writer Ponydora Prancypants. As some of you may know, I have been employed at a ceramics studio at least part time for a good while now, and amongst my other duties I am occasionally responsible for painting ceramic pieces or helping to teach others to do so. For my notorious coffee-guzzling friend I decided that a travel tumbler featuring his favorite pony might be an appropriate gift, so I painted a scene of Rarity inspired by a deviantART muro drawing on a preexisting bisque piece that was special ordered for just the occasion, which is fully functional in addition to being a one-of-a-kind handpainted artwork.Unfortunately due to the three-dimensional nature of the piece it doesn't photograph exceptionally well (even if I was a decent photographer, which I'm sorry to say that I'm not really) but still, with any luck you all can get the general idea.

And a couple additional photos, including a bonus shot of the underside. I'm happy to say that he seemed to enjoy it very much!

Next, have some assorted fanart pieces, first of which is Spike who until recently, I think I had only ever hastily sketched once or twice, I'm ashamed to say. This picture was inspired by my dearest friend Harwick, whose descriptions of Spike's character as a youngster who "needs to be put to bed, reminded not to give himself tummy aches, all of that" in a post struck me as being so incredibly sweet and endearing that I was instantly consumed with the mental image of a cute sleepy Spike in footie pajamas, which I just had to draw. Now, while Spike is a baby dragon I realize he's not an absolute infant and honestly has shown incredibly maturity for his age in the past, but still, I really couldn't help myself with this one... please don't hate me Spike fans~ ^.^;;

To help make up for Spike's apparent lack of indignation in the above image, perhaps, have some assorted doodles of him dealing with the others' reactions. I have to say, that after all of this time of never drawing him I found this exceptionally fun to do.

And lastly in the vein of new artwork, have an adorable Applejack that I simply couldn't resist coloring. Because she is a cute precious pony. Darling Applejaaaack~~! <3 <3

And that is all on the fanart front! Or, at least when it comes to my own works. For other assorted fangeekery on my part as well as some photos of various goodies, please read more after the break! <3

Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Harwick-darling!

Good evening, my dears!

Today, after months of inactivity on my part, I make my return to the artistic realm of the pony-fandom once again. And what better occasion to warrant such a return than the birthday of our very own beloved Harwick. Now technically, Harwick's birthday was yesterday but despite the fact I'm only making this post now, I'm happy to say that I was actually able to get his gift to him on time and wish him a fabulous day on schedule. And, along with his gift above that he has already seen (or well, most of it anyway since I had to go back and edit/tweak a few things), I also am posting up a as-yet-unseen little bonus gift for him, because honestly such a thing was just begging to be done (and I think all of you from the regular blog-crowd are able to understand the joke in this case). I sincerely hope you enjoy it dear.

Those of you who correspond with the amazingly talented Harwick on deviantART, or at least visit his page on occasion, may remember seeing one of my ridiculously-simple muro doodles grace his webcam for some time, which bore more than just a passing resemblance to the Rarity painting above. I drew it for him as a teaser when I sent him a batch of cookies one day, just as a very small token of affection. He ended up liking the image so much that he proposed commissioning me for a more finished version, but I was more than happy to do the idea simply as a gift, and there it is. The technique is a little bit different than anything I've done to date I think, but I had fun experimenting with it and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

So yes, once again my dear I wish you all of the best in this year to come, and it's been my sincere pleasure to count you as my good friend for this past year and a half! I am looking forward to many more wonderful and rewarding conversation and correspondences to come. <3

Cheers darlings!


Friday, December 28, 2012

Something New, and Long Overdue

Meheh, yes, arguably long overdue indeed, insofar as I'm sure most anyone who knows me can only wonder how it has possibly taken me so long to get some new season three shipping-inspired artwork up. ^_^; But at least I can assure you all it hasn't been for lack of inspiration or ideas! In fact, if anything I've probably had too many ideas for my own good that I haven't been able to settle on any one of them long enough to start on/complete a picture to my satisfaction, but in the end I happened to accidentally doodle this little image one day when working on something else entirely unrelated, and decided it would do at least as well as anything else for a start.

Honestly, this picture probably isn't much, and especially when you consider the fact I've mentioned more than once that I'll be getting it up soon for over a week, but for what it's worth I am happy enough with the way it turned out and can only hope that it's a decent enough way to round out 2012. If it's not entirely obvious, I took my inspiration in this case from Rarity's fainting scene in "Magic Duel" (sans ugly dress of course), since I personally thought it was quite cute that Applejack came to her "rescue" in such a way, and if nothing else proved herself to be a most excellent alternative to a chaise longue. I've made an alternate, blue sky version of the image as well (since so many of my artworks of these two together seem to be on pinkish backgrounds, for whatever reason), which I will post/link to as soon as I get the image uploaded to my deviantART (EDIT: And yes, over a week later here it is! I really must apologize to you all for my terrible short-term memory... ^_^;).

So yes, the last new blog post of 2012, no doubt... to all of my followers I wish you a most excellent and Happy New Year, and I hope to see you on the other side then! Cheers, friends.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Back After Hiatus

Hello my darlings! It has been quite a while since my last post, most regrettably, and even longer since I last managed to share any completed artworks with all of you, but hopefully this is a trend which will soon be changing again. All sorts of things have been keeping me busy and away recently, from work to health issues to family matters and what have you, but even though I should remain busy with the former throughout the rest of the month I'm hoping that the latter two won't be eating up as much of my time or affecting how I must choose to spend it as much as has been the case recently. It's lovely to be back and active again now, at any rate!

Anyhow, this picture is probably not what anyone would have expected to see next, considering the fact that I have shared several sketches, ideas, and half-finished works-in-progress recently, but for whatever reason it was an idea that popped into my head one day whilst I was at work and it just wouldn't let go--I simply had to draw it! Originally Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were going to be wearing scarves in this picture, since I wanted to create something for the holiday season but the more I thought about it the more I realized something with more year-round relevance was probably better for a cute random moment between these two and so I modified the original sketch slightly. So there you have it, an excited Pinkie pulling Rainbow in for an impromptu photo opportunity, much to the latter's complete surprise and bewilderment.

It's a fun silly picture, and not much after such a long wait I suppose but even though I can't promise anything, I do have many other pictures in various stages of completion that I'm hoping to be able to get up soon (and obviously, after all of these recent episodes I'm going to have to try and squeeze a new Rarijack in there somewhere!). Until that time though I hope everyone enjoys, and with any luck I will manage to catch up with all of my correspondences both here and on deviantART soon, and upload the full-sized version there accordingly (EDIT: Or actually, by the looks of things the full-size version might have posted after all... perhaps that annoying habit of Blogger's has been rectified at last!).

Until next time then, stay lovely friends~!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Something Special: Everfree Radio

So... yes. At long last, after months of different inquiries and my kicking the idea around (and despite some misgivings on my part after some recent posts here on the blog), I have finally agreed to do an online interview, with none other than the Cutie Art Crusaders of Everfree Radio! It's going to be airing this evening, November 6th at 9pm EST and 6pm PST, streamed live on Everfree.net I believe, and afterwards should be available to watch/listen to on YouTube, at which point I will probably edit this post with further information for anyone who might be interested. Primarily, we will be discussing some existing artworks of mine in-depth, and it's also an opportunity for all you to hear that I do not at all sound British, or like Rarity, or however else people have guessed, remarked, and/or asked about in the past (despite the fact I have done my best to assure people that these things have never been the case!). Hopefully you all will enjoy it if you decide to listen in, and I will apologize in advance for the fact that I was still on the very tail end of my cold at the time it was recorded, just in case some of you manage to pick up on that!

If anyone is interested, you can stay updated with the Cutie Art Crusader's news and schedules and so on on their Twitter, here at http://twitter.com/cutieartcrusade. I shall see you all on the other side then, and until then do stay fabulous, my friends! ^_~


Friday, September 14, 2012

Applejacket, and Some Others~

Yes, nearly a week after posting her on my deviantART, I'm finally getting my Applejack Appreciation Day piece of my favorite darling cowpony posted here to my blog... I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to do but I suppose I hadn't wanted to cut off active conversations that had been in progress on the previous thread before now. Anyway, you've all already seen her of course and so I imagine she isn't too terribly exciting to look at, but I wanted to post her anyway because of course I absolutely love and adore Applejack, and more than most any other pony I like to think she deserves to be well-represented here on my blog. <3

I did promise some "others" as well though none are much to look at or speak of, but some have been sitting around in my files unseen for a while now and I figured I may as well share to make for a more engaging update. Feel free to check them out after the break if you like!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Very Special Something, Plus Artwork

Good evening friends! After a few weeks of relentless, albeit mostly unintended teasing on my part (sorry everyone), here is the "special project" that I've been talking about for a while now. I can only hope that at this point, after all of the build-up leading to this that all of you aren't terribly disappointed as I probably would be (and wonder how this is so special after all), but either way it is about time I got this up so here it is!

So yes, a little bit of backstory is probably in order at this point! It all started a couple of months ago, when my dear friend, the celebrated Ponydora Prancypants contacted me regarding the upcoming Everfree Northwest convention, as he'd just found out that Tabitha St. Germain was going to be a guest and as such he decided to attend. He was wondering if I might be interested in doing likewise, and while I thought long and hard about it especially seeing as how I have family in Seattle as well, in the end decided it was probably in my best interests at this time not to go. Because of this, Ponydora (being the fabulous thoughtful person that he is) made the offer to take a Rarity artwork of my choosing in my stead so that he could get it autographed for me, an immensely generous offer which of course I was happy, and very grateful, to accept.

And of course, because I'm me I didn't think any old artwork would do, and I wanted to create something new and special for this event since I hoped to have an extra copy of the print made as a gift for Tabitha herself. The result is the piece you see above, a simple portrait but one which I hoped would look nice framed should the illustrious miss St. Germain ever be inclined to do so, and as promised Ponydora was able to get a copy autographed for me (and by Kazumi Evans, the singing voice of Rarity as well as she was also in attendance!) and also gifted her with her own copy which I am told she enjoyed. I truly hope so, since she seems like a wonderful human being whose spirit and talents I greatly admire, and even though she doubtless has met and heard from many fans, and received many such gifts in the past I wanted her to know that she has one more admiring fan in me, at least.

So this is it. The end result painting, printed on beautiful glossy paper (it's quite large too, measuring approximately 12x14") and signed by two amazing and talented ladies whom I greatly admire. I intend to get it framed and matted as soon as I'm feeling better. And of course, if it isn't entirely obvious already our own dear Ponydora Prancypants is a soul worthy of praise and admiration as well, as he was incredibly thoughtful and selfless in doing such a wonderful thing for me, and I'm entirely grateful to him for all the trouble he went through for this and me. Thank you so very much my dear, you are an absolute treasure! **stifling digital hugs**

So yes, that's all everyone! Hopefully you all enjoy the new artwork well enough, a straightforward enough piece though it is, until I get my next work (Commission #10) up following shortly. The full-sized version should be available to view and download on deviantART shortly (EDIT: and yes I forgot about it until way after the fact, but at last here it is). And oh yes, if you all needed even further proof that Ponydora is a dear than look no further than this photo of another little gift he sent me (some time ago actually, and I just kept forgetting to post it until now ^_^;;), modeled contentedly by Grace (who really does look uncommonly fat and smug in this picture doesn't she? Oh dear...)

Until next time darlings, stay FABULOUS!