Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Something Special: Everfree Radio

So... yes. At long last, after months of different inquiries and my kicking the idea around (and despite some misgivings on my part after some recent posts here on the blog), I have finally agreed to do an online interview, with none other than the Cutie Art Crusaders of Everfree Radio! It's going to be airing this evening, November 6th at 9pm EST and 6pm PST, streamed live on Everfree.net I believe, and afterwards should be available to watch/listen to on YouTube, at which point I will probably edit this post with further information for anyone who might be interested. Primarily, we will be discussing some existing artworks of mine in-depth, and it's also an opportunity for all you to hear that I do not at all sound British, or like Rarity, or however else people have guessed, remarked, and/or asked about in the past (despite the fact I have done my best to assure people that these things have never been the case!). Hopefully you all will enjoy it if you decide to listen in, and I will apologize in advance for the fact that I was still on the very tail end of my cold at the time it was recorded, just in case some of you manage to pick up on that!

If anyone is interested, you can stay updated with the Cutie Art Crusader's news and schedules and so on on their Twitter, here at http://twitter.com/cutieartcrusade. I shall see you all on the other side then, and until then do stay fabulous, my friends! ^_~