Friday, January 6, 2012

Commission #4 Is Here!

Greetings, my dears~!

It's that time again, one of those happy occasions when I actually have some new artwork to share with you all! Joy, artwork~

Up this time is another commissioned piece, this time for none other than our dear Favo, who asked for a picture of Rarity with her hair down ala-Sisterhooves Social (dampness not necessarily required). A simple enough request, and I can only hope that I did his vision justice... with his blessings I am now posting the picture up to share with you all. Hopefully you all will enjoy it well enough; it's a little different from most of the pony-fanart I've done to date, granted, but I'm happy enough with it all the same. And I can pretty much guarantee you that this is as close to "saucy" as it ever gets with me (not to say that this picture is anything remotely resembling sauce, honestly, though most people seem to consider wet-haired Rarity a bit risqué. So yes, have some of that).

Anyhow, hopefully and with any luck I will have some more new artwork again soon... I was amazed I got this one done when I did honestly (it was actually finished last night, once my 14-hour headache finally subsided. Otherwise I got absolutely nothing done yesterday, and actually--dare I say it--existed in a state of frumpiness all day. This is a pretty accurate representation, really). I still have a couple other commissions in-progress and a few more queued-up after that, so chances are you will be seeing some more from me soon enough.

I suppose that's all for now. Until the next time, dears, stay lovely~!