Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Very Special Something, Plus Artwork

Good evening friends! After a few weeks of relentless, albeit mostly unintended teasing on my part (sorry everyone), here is the "special project" that I've been talking about for a while now. I can only hope that at this point, after all of the build-up leading to this that all of you aren't terribly disappointed as I probably would be (and wonder how this is so special after all), but either way it is about time I got this up so here it is!

So yes, a little bit of backstory is probably in order at this point! It all started a couple of months ago, when my dear friend, the celebrated Ponydora Prancypants contacted me regarding the upcoming Everfree Northwest convention, as he'd just found out that Tabitha St. Germain was going to be a guest and as such he decided to attend. He was wondering if I might be interested in doing likewise, and while I thought long and hard about it especially seeing as how I have family in Seattle as well, in the end decided it was probably in my best interests at this time not to go. Because of this, Ponydora (being the fabulous thoughtful person that he is) made the offer to take a Rarity artwork of my choosing in my stead so that he could get it autographed for me, an immensely generous offer which of course I was happy, and very grateful, to accept.

And of course, because I'm me I didn't think any old artwork would do, and I wanted to create something new and special for this event since I hoped to have an extra copy of the print made as a gift for Tabitha herself. The result is the piece you see above, a simple portrait but one which I hoped would look nice framed should the illustrious miss St. Germain ever be inclined to do so, and as promised Ponydora was able to get a copy autographed for me (and by Kazumi Evans, the singing voice of Rarity as well as she was also in attendance!) and also gifted her with her own copy which I am told she enjoyed. I truly hope so, since she seems like a wonderful human being whose spirit and talents I greatly admire, and even though she doubtless has met and heard from many fans, and received many such gifts in the past I wanted her to know that she has one more admiring fan in me, at least.

So this is it. The end result painting, printed on beautiful glossy paper (it's quite large too, measuring approximately 12x14") and signed by two amazing and talented ladies whom I greatly admire. I intend to get it framed and matted as soon as I'm feeling better. And of course, if it isn't entirely obvious already our own dear Ponydora Prancypants is a soul worthy of praise and admiration as well, as he was incredibly thoughtful and selfless in doing such a wonderful thing for me, and I'm entirely grateful to him for all the trouble he went through for this and me. Thank you so very much my dear, you are an absolute treasure! **stifling digital hugs**

So yes, that's all everyone! Hopefully you all enjoy the new artwork well enough, a straightforward enough piece though it is, until I get my next work (Commission #10) up following shortly. The full-sized version should be available to view and download on deviantART shortly (EDIT: and yes I forgot about it until way after the fact, but at last here it is). And oh yes, if you all needed even further proof that Ponydora is a dear than look no further than this photo of another little gift he sent me (some time ago actually, and I just kept forgetting to post it until now ^_^;;), modeled contentedly by Grace (who really does look uncommonly fat and smug in this picture doesn't she? Oh dear...)

Until next time darlings, stay FABULOUS!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Little Something New

Yes, at long last. This isn't the artwork that I imagined I'd be sharing next but I happened to finish this one first (and am holding off on posting another third for a while for REASONS), and I couldn't resist uploading something since it's been so many ages now! It's almost shameful really. So here, have a poor sweet, sad-looking little Applejack, feeling down because really, she doesn't get nearly the amount of love and attention she deserves from this fandom... I really need to make a more concerted effort to remedy this in the future.

It's not too much; just a glorified doodle really but still, it's so nice to be uploading work again! If the comments above don't make it clear, this should with any luck be a sign of much more active times ahead... I'm optimistic about it at least.

That's all for now then. Cheers, darlings!