Friday, November 25, 2011

Blessed Black Friday, Everypony!

I know, it doesn't have quite the same ring as "Happy Thanksgiving" I'm afraid, but as once again I am fashionably late with finishing my artworks and updating my blog accordingly it will have to do (and perhaps there are some shopping mavens and deal-conscious individuals amongst you all who can appreciate the Black Friday well-wishes, who knows). I do apologize for that, though I hope all of my fellow American followers had an enjoyable holiday yesterday all the same.

Anyhow though, sadly not much in the way of artworks this time around, though I did want to put up the one doodle I have managed to finish seeing as how I don't know when I'll be able to get my next personal projects completed and up. It's of my two favorite ponies once again... I'm not sure if Applejack lost a bet or something, or if this is just a 'what you didn't see' from The Best Night Ever but either way she doesn't look as if she's enjoying herself much, poor dear (not that Rarity is daunted either way). Unlike some of my artworks of these two this wasn't really intended as particularly shippy, though as I always like to leave room for personal interpretation people should feel free to think of it that way if they choose!

Well, hopefully the next time I update here I will be fully moved and settled into my new home, which will be a wonderful thing most definitely. Again I don't know when I'll be able to get any new personal artworks up but I do have several commissioned projects in the works, which I shall be prioritizing until I get myself caught up. So, yes, hopefully you'll all be seeing those soon enough. Until next time then dears~!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Have Some Sketches Dears, and Other News

So, after some recent inquiries by some of you to see my pony sketches, and despite my concerns about the horrible quality of some of them I thought I'd go ahead and put up some of my aimless rough doodles for those who might enjoy them (I'm using a page break for the first time for these, as there are quite a few of them and most really are quite messy. Those who are interested can kindly click the "Read More" button). They are exclusive of my notebook sketches as my flat-bed scanner is currently packed, but I'm still surprised there aren't more of them to show and especially of the digital sketches... apparently many of them have been lost/accidentally deleted. I do apologize for that anyway.

In other news, there's something else that I've been meaning to address/have been thinking about adding to my posts for quite some time now, in the way of labeling them so that content will be more easily accessible if people are looking for certain things. Doodle-Roundups, possible future sketchdumps, pony-specific artworks, etc. I'm not sure if my going back and editing posts makes them reappear in everyone's updates listings but if so, I apologize; this is the reason for that.

Anyhow, that's all of consequence for now, I believe... hopefully those of you who requested the sketches will enjoy them despite the awful quality. Cheers, friends~!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Drawfriend Doodle-Roundup #4

Good evening, dearest readers~!

Once again, I simply must sing the praises of days off from work... I feel so accomplished after having all day to tick off item after item from what had been a frighteningly burgeoning task list. There's still a lot left, but at least I was able to make a dent, including finishing up some quick pony-doodles that had been sketched out over the past week and a half! So while it's not the largest or most impressive compilation, hopefully you all will enjoy them all the same~

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that this one might not be what I'd normally consider a doodle, strictly speaking, but it's going up here anyway. I probably don't draw enough Rainbow Dash, so for all of her fans out there, this one is for you!

I made myself sad with this drawing... TT_TT I don't know the story behind it or what even gave me the idea in the first place, but it just came out as I was aimlessly sketching. Poor Applejack. She looks a bit younger here too, so one can only guess what might be the reason for her sadness... as usual I'll leave that up to each of you to interpret as you choose!

On a cheerier note, and speaking of ponies I don't draw enough, I realized the other day that there is a very conspicuous absence of Twilight Sparkle in my past several entries, and that just won't do at all. So have this doodle of therapist-Twilight, whom I believe I promised I'd draw weeks and weeks ago, in my comments on EqD's Lesson Zero thread. Better late than never I suppose, no?

..Okay, I'm sorry, but this really was just screaming to be done, really it was! This is another piece that I had the idea for ages ago, but just have never gotten around to drawing for one reason or another until now. So, uhm, yes.... enjoy?

 And actually, that was going to be it; originally I only had for pieces to put up here, but then I realized that meant a Roundup without Rarity (*GASP!*), which of course could not be allowed to happen. So have a turbo-quickie minimalist doodle of our favorite fashion-pony as a bonus, huzzah~

And that is it for the artwork this time around, I'm afraid. As always though, there are more projects in the works, including a few more commissioned pieces which I look forward to being able to share with you all at some point in the future. Until then, dears~!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Belated Effort, but Still~

Good evening, dearest readers. How I wish I had more artwork to be able to share with you all now! But alas, I've gone and caught a bad cold, it seems... too much work and stress with not enough sleep makes for a sickly Diamonds, I guess. But at least (thank Goddess for small blessings) I had a day off today; that was most welcome.

I know it's not much, and honestly I thought about saving this for my next Doodle-Roundup, but I have been promising some Sisterhooves-inspired art for a few days now, and I wanted to get at least one personal fanart done since I haven't had any time to work on those at all recently. Plus at this point I have no idea when I'll be able to finish the other picture ideas I have started. So in the meantime I hope this will hold you all over until whenever I am able to get more art done... I hope I'm not alone in thinking this picture was just screaming to be done, bwahaha..

Until the next update then, whenever that may be. Do stay fabulous dears~


Monday, November 7, 2011

"Etude for Cello, Op. 23"

Good evening, dear internets! <3

At long last I am back, with some new artwork to share, finally! Up this time, and which I am so pleased to be able to share with you all, is my second commissioned pony-art and a piece which has been a long time coming, featuring none other than the fabulous Octavia!:

This artwork was commissioned by the lovely jodyjm13 (if you frequent EqD at all, chances are you have seen him around). He came to me wanting a scene showcasing Octavia in the act of composing music for a change, instead of performing, and while the proposition gave me some fabulous ideas, I can only pray I did them justice! I had a very specific mood in mind for it when I started out, which hopefully translates to the finished product, and while it's quite different from the doodles I typically post up I hope you all will like it all the same. =^_^=

Though I have been quite busy lately, I very much intend on getting some more new fanart up soon, and especially now that I have had Sisterhooves Social to inspire me! But you probably all knew that already (I think, given my taste in ponies it was a given I would love that episode, no?). Honestly I only wish there were more hours in the day; it feels like I can never get enough fangeekery in, bah!

Until next time, stay lovely all~ ^.~


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not Truly An Update, But...

As the title says, this isn't a regular art update by me, but at the same time I kind of couldn't resist posting something. I've never gone on in my life but apparently, everybody else in the world does, and it seems someone on there posted a link to this blog... the result being several thousands of hits on my page today alone. I logged in to post on Drawfriend and afterwards glanced at my stats simply because it was a welcome distraction from the packing that I should be doing instead and... I was blown away, not going to lie.

So, yes, hello internets! *dignified pageant wave* Since you all are so incredibly supportive, please do have a hastily-drawn Rarity doodle as my thanks, and with any luck I will have something new and lovely to share with you all tomorrow or the next day! ^_^ Until then, friends~