Monday, June 18, 2012

Commission #9, At Last...

Yes, at last, roughly a month after I had finished the original version of the piece (which is the one I will be uploading online) I have completed work on several small edits/alternate versions for my client, and am ready to share the piece publicly at last. I'm very excited! This is the first time I've ever completed a new pony artwork and have not uploaded it almost right away, and will admit I've been feeling antsy recently due to the lack of new artwork to share with everyone. It's certainly a relief to be able to post it up now.

This piece was created for a certain Kerensky, who had a very specific scene in mind for Rarity in a snowy village/Ponyville setting, accompanied by what decidedly had to be recognizable as a Russian KV-85 tank. This was another piece which obviously, took me quite a bit outside my comfort zone as I still don't consider myself to be very competent with such complex inorganic subjects, but I did quite a lot of research for this project (that including studying detailed tank blueprint drawings from various angles) and at least I am confident that I should now be able to identify one of these quite easily at first glance, should the knowledge ever come in handy for anything. Hooray for accidental education!

Rarity was, as always, a subject I was more than happy to work with. Kerensky had the idea to have her wearing a ushanka (furry Russian hat), but left the decision for coat or no coat up to me, and I compromised by selecting for a nice fur cape to match her headgear. Overall the piece was a great deal of fun to do, and I certainly hope you all will enjoy seeing it!

EDIT: I have now uploaded this picture to my deviantART account as well; check out the full-sized version here if you like! More new artwork to come soon enough as well, with any luck!

Cheers, darlings! ^_~