Friday, December 28, 2012

Something New, and Long Overdue

Meheh, yes, arguably long overdue indeed, insofar as I'm sure most anyone who knows me can only wonder how it has possibly taken me so long to get some new season three shipping-inspired artwork up. ^_^; But at least I can assure you all it hasn't been for lack of inspiration or ideas! In fact, if anything I've probably had too many ideas for my own good that I haven't been able to settle on any one of them long enough to start on/complete a picture to my satisfaction, but in the end I happened to accidentally doodle this little image one day when working on something else entirely unrelated, and decided it would do at least as well as anything else for a start.

Honestly, this picture probably isn't much, and especially when you consider the fact I've mentioned more than once that I'll be getting it up soon for over a week, but for what it's worth I am happy enough with the way it turned out and can only hope that it's a decent enough way to round out 2012. If it's not entirely obvious, I took my inspiration in this case from Rarity's fainting scene in "Magic Duel" (sans ugly dress of course), since I personally thought it was quite cute that Applejack came to her "rescue" in such a way, and if nothing else proved herself to be a most excellent alternative to a chaise longue. I've made an alternate, blue sky version of the image as well (since so many of my artworks of these two together seem to be on pinkish backgrounds, for whatever reason), which I will post/link to as soon as I get the image uploaded to my deviantART (EDIT: And yes, over a week later here it is! I really must apologize to you all for my terrible short-term memory... ^_^;).

So yes, the last new blog post of 2012, no doubt... to all of my followers I wish you a most excellent and Happy New Year, and I hope to see you on the other side then! Cheers, friends.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Back After Hiatus

Hello my darlings! It has been quite a while since my last post, most regrettably, and even longer since I last managed to share any completed artworks with all of you, but hopefully this is a trend which will soon be changing again. All sorts of things have been keeping me busy and away recently, from work to health issues to family matters and what have you, but even though I should remain busy with the former throughout the rest of the month I'm hoping that the latter two won't be eating up as much of my time or affecting how I must choose to spend it as much as has been the case recently. It's lovely to be back and active again now, at any rate!

Anyhow, this picture is probably not what anyone would have expected to see next, considering the fact that I have shared several sketches, ideas, and half-finished works-in-progress recently, but for whatever reason it was an idea that popped into my head one day whilst I was at work and it just wouldn't let go--I simply had to draw it! Originally Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were going to be wearing scarves in this picture, since I wanted to create something for the holiday season but the more I thought about it the more I realized something with more year-round relevance was probably better for a cute random moment between these two and so I modified the original sketch slightly. So there you have it, an excited Pinkie pulling Rainbow in for an impromptu photo opportunity, much to the latter's complete surprise and bewilderment.

It's a fun silly picture, and not much after such a long wait I suppose but even though I can't promise anything, I do have many other pictures in various stages of completion that I'm hoping to be able to get up soon (and obviously, after all of these recent episodes I'm going to have to try and squeeze a new Rarijack in there somewhere!). Until that time though I hope everyone enjoys, and with any luck I will manage to catch up with all of my correspondences both here and on deviantART soon, and upload the full-sized version there accordingly (EDIT: Or actually, by the looks of things the full-size version might have posted after all... perhaps that annoying habit of Blogger's has been rectified at last!).

Until next time then, stay lovely friends~!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Something Special: Everfree Radio

So... yes. At long last, after months of different inquiries and my kicking the idea around (and despite some misgivings on my part after some recent posts here on the blog), I have finally agreed to do an online interview, with none other than the Cutie Art Crusaders of Everfree Radio! It's going to be airing this evening, November 6th at 9pm EST and 6pm PST, streamed live on I believe, and afterwards should be available to watch/listen to on YouTube, at which point I will probably edit this post with further information for anyone who might be interested. Primarily, we will be discussing some existing artworks of mine in-depth, and it's also an opportunity for all you to hear that I do not at all sound British, or like Rarity, or however else people have guessed, remarked, and/or asked about in the past (despite the fact I have done my best to assure people that these things have never been the case!). Hopefully you all will enjoy it if you decide to listen in, and I will apologize in advance for the fact that I was still on the very tail end of my cold at the time it was recorded, just in case some of you manage to pick up on that!

If anyone is interested, you can stay updated with the Cutie Art Crusader's news and schedules and so on on their Twitter, here at I shall see you all on the other side then, and until then do stay fabulous, my friends! ^_~


Friday, September 14, 2012

Applejacket, and Some Others~

Yes, nearly a week after posting her on my deviantART, I'm finally getting my Applejack Appreciation Day piece of my favorite darling cowpony posted here to my blog... I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to do but I suppose I hadn't wanted to cut off active conversations that had been in progress on the previous thread before now. Anyway, you've all already seen her of course and so I imagine she isn't too terribly exciting to look at, but I wanted to post her anyway because of course I absolutely love and adore Applejack, and more than most any other pony I like to think she deserves to be well-represented here on my blog. <3

I did promise some "others" as well though none are much to look at or speak of, but some have been sitting around in my files unseen for a while now and I figured I may as well share to make for a more engaging update. Feel free to check them out after the break if you like!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Very Special Something, Plus Artwork

Good evening friends! After a few weeks of relentless, albeit mostly unintended teasing on my part (sorry everyone), here is the "special project" that I've been talking about for a while now. I can only hope that at this point, after all of the build-up leading to this that all of you aren't terribly disappointed as I probably would be (and wonder how this is so special after all), but either way it is about time I got this up so here it is!

So yes, a little bit of backstory is probably in order at this point! It all started a couple of months ago, when my dear friend, the celebrated Ponydora Prancypants contacted me regarding the upcoming Everfree Northwest convention, as he'd just found out that Tabitha St. Germain was going to be a guest and as such he decided to attend. He was wondering if I might be interested in doing likewise, and while I thought long and hard about it especially seeing as how I have family in Seattle as well, in the end decided it was probably in my best interests at this time not to go. Because of this, Ponydora (being the fabulous thoughtful person that he is) made the offer to take a Rarity artwork of my choosing in my stead so that he could get it autographed for me, an immensely generous offer which of course I was happy, and very grateful, to accept.

And of course, because I'm me I didn't think any old artwork would do, and I wanted to create something new and special for this event since I hoped to have an extra copy of the print made as a gift for Tabitha herself. The result is the piece you see above, a simple portrait but one which I hoped would look nice framed should the illustrious miss St. Germain ever be inclined to do so, and as promised Ponydora was able to get a copy autographed for me (and by Kazumi Evans, the singing voice of Rarity as well as she was also in attendance!) and also gifted her with her own copy which I am told she enjoyed. I truly hope so, since she seems like a wonderful human being whose spirit and talents I greatly admire, and even though she doubtless has met and heard from many fans, and received many such gifts in the past I wanted her to know that she has one more admiring fan in me, at least.

So this is it. The end result painting, printed on beautiful glossy paper (it's quite large too, measuring approximately 12x14") and signed by two amazing and talented ladies whom I greatly admire. I intend to get it framed and matted as soon as I'm feeling better. And of course, if it isn't entirely obvious already our own dear Ponydora Prancypants is a soul worthy of praise and admiration as well, as he was incredibly thoughtful and selfless in doing such a wonderful thing for me, and I'm entirely grateful to him for all the trouble he went through for this and me. Thank you so very much my dear, you are an absolute treasure! **stifling digital hugs**

So yes, that's all everyone! Hopefully you all enjoy the new artwork well enough, a straightforward enough piece though it is, until I get my next work (Commission #10) up following shortly. The full-sized version should be available to view and download on deviantART shortly (EDIT: and yes I forgot about it until way after the fact, but at last here it is). And oh yes, if you all needed even further proof that Ponydora is a dear than look no further than this photo of another little gift he sent me (some time ago actually, and I just kept forgetting to post it until now ^_^;;), modeled contentedly by Grace (who really does look uncommonly fat and smug in this picture doesn't she? Oh dear...)

Until next time darlings, stay FABULOUS!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Little Something New

Yes, at long last. This isn't the artwork that I imagined I'd be sharing next but I happened to finish this one first (and am holding off on posting another third for a while for REASONS), and I couldn't resist uploading something since it's been so many ages now! It's almost shameful really. So here, have a poor sweet, sad-looking little Applejack, feeling down because really, she doesn't get nearly the amount of love and attention she deserves from this fandom... I really need to make a more concerted effort to remedy this in the future.

It's not too much; just a glorified doodle really but still, it's so nice to be uploading work again! If the comments above don't make it clear, this should with any luck be a sign of much more active times ahead... I'm optimistic about it at least.

That's all for now then. Cheers, darlings!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Commission #9, At Last...

Yes, at last, roughly a month after I had finished the original version of the piece (which is the one I will be uploading online) I have completed work on several small edits/alternate versions for my client, and am ready to share the piece publicly at last. I'm very excited! This is the first time I've ever completed a new pony artwork and have not uploaded it almost right away, and will admit I've been feeling antsy recently due to the lack of new artwork to share with everyone. It's certainly a relief to be able to post it up now.

This piece was created for a certain Kerensky, who had a very specific scene in mind for Rarity in a snowy village/Ponyville setting, accompanied by what decidedly had to be recognizable as a Russian KV-85 tank. This was another piece which obviously, took me quite a bit outside my comfort zone as I still don't consider myself to be very competent with such complex inorganic subjects, but I did quite a lot of research for this project (that including studying detailed tank blueprint drawings from various angles) and at least I am confident that I should now be able to identify one of these quite easily at first glance, should the knowledge ever come in handy for anything. Hooray for accidental education!

Rarity was, as always, a subject I was more than happy to work with. Kerensky had the idea to have her wearing a ushanka (furry Russian hat), but left the decision for coat or no coat up to me, and I compromised by selecting for a nice fur cape to match her headgear. Overall the piece was a great deal of fun to do, and I certainly hope you all will enjoy seeing it!

EDIT: I have now uploaded this picture to my deviantART account as well; check out the full-sized version here if you like! More new artwork to come soon enough as well, with any luck!

Cheers, darlings! ^_~


Friday, May 4, 2012

Commission #8!

Oh dear Goddess finally, FINALLY!! Nearly a month after I intended to have it finished, commission #8 is at long last complete, and it is truly my greatest pleasure to be able to share it with you all now.

This commission, marking my very first time drawing Zecora, was done for the ever-lovely jodyjm13, who of course also commissioned one of my most popular pieces to date of Octavia composing. He wanted to see Zecora in the act of testing out her magic powder for Nightmare Night, in a scene which hopefully illustrated how she had created the powder as well, to an extent (hence the herbs, drawings, mixing bowl etc.), and I had a lot of fun in trying to create a nice atmosphere with all of the various light sources. Certain things presented some difficulty, but more than anything it's just been lack of time and other troubles which have kept me from finishing it until now, as indeed it's been almost complete for a few weeks. But, she's done now and Jody is happy with her, and that is all that I could ever ask for really.

So, April in general was a pretty bad month for me, but May at least is already off to a much better start and with any luck, I intend to have commission #9 finished (and posted with permission) in a week or so if all goes according to plan. I've been working on it alongside this piece so yes. Also, it's my intention to upload this picture to my deviantART a little bit later tonight, so that all of you will be able to enjoy the full resolution if nothing else... the actual image is pretty good-sized so I'd like to be able to share it with everyone (EDIT: And okay, I have uploaded it to my gallery now! You can all view the full-size image here).

Thank you all for bearing with me and being patient while waiting for new artwork. More to come soon as well, and until then do stay fabulous dears!


Friday, March 30, 2012

A Gift: Happy Birthday Ponydora

My dear friend. You thought I had forgotten about you, didn't you. ^_~

If nothing else has come out of it, I'm at least grateful to deviantART for giving me a heads-up on your birthday, so that I was able to make you something in time for the special occasion! I've been a bit pressed for time, of course, so the effort is perhaps not as grand as I might have initially wished, but I can only hope that you will enjoy it all the same.

This picture is something of a reference to a scene in chapter 1 of Flight of the Alicorn (Ponydora's excellent and widely lauded fanfiction, of course), even though it's not entirely faithful to the story, and more than anything was meant to show an appreciation for a correspondence that I've come to value highly. For those who are familiar with the story I can say that many of Rarity's thoughts and feelings in the narrative of the first chapter have echoed my own quite a bit as of late, and I felt that it was the absolute least I could do to show an appreciation for an individual who I most respect and admire. Again, I can only hope that you are happy with it, my excellent friend. ^_^

As I'm sure you all know by now, deviantART is keeping me rather busy lately as I work to get all my fanart uploaded, but I will do my best to get back to all of my messages (meaning on posts past included) as soon as I'm able. And in the meantime, as promised on my last art update (before I initially anticipated having this one done and posted quite so soon!) commission #8 will be shortly forthcoming, and with any luck I will be able to share that piece with you all very soon.

Until then, cheers my friends. And Ponydora-dear, best and warmest birthday wishes to you, you deserve them! **virtual hugs!** =^.^=


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Little Announcement: deviantART

Aheh, well yes, I was planning on making this announcement this morning, which I thought would be within a perfectly reasonable time frame but apparently, the internet moves even faster than I was initially thinking and many of you it seems are already aware. ^_^; As of yesterday I finally have a deviantART page for the purpose of displaying my pony-arts!

I think you all know that I've been very hesitant to do this for a long time, but yesterday AtomicGreymon was kind enough to let me know that a certain individual on dA had taken my steampunk Rarity painting, digitally removed my signature and replaced it with his own, and had posted the work in his own gallery. Art theft is sadly a relatively common thing and while it's possible to report it to deviantART staff without an account, it certainly lends some weight to the matter and makes it much easier, and so at last I consented to give in and just do it. And, figuring that this was perhaps the universe's/fate's/destiny's way of trying to push me in a certain direction, I decided to get my artwork up as well (something which I'm still working on doing). Unfortunately, as of now it seems that my initial misgivings were quite justified and despite the fact that I was online responding to comments until four in the morning, I returned to the page a little while ago to discover hundreds and hundreds of messages already waiting for me... well, I'm going to do my best to not let myself get too overwhelmed anyway. ^.^;;

I did want to reassure you all that despite the fact I will have a gallery up there now, I will continue to prioritize this blog and am planning on uploading all of my new work here first. As well of course, to get back to all of my comments since they (and all of you who regularly follow me) are the reason I've kept this blog up as much as I have. ^_^ And yes, as I said on my last post hopefully I will have some new work for you all soon enough... until then, cheers loves! <3


Monday, March 26, 2012

More Gifts/Drawfriend Doodle-Roundup #5!

Good morning all! After what has been ages, I've taken a small break from my regularly-scheduled commission work and done a few pieces of personal fanart, as well as another gift or two that I'm very happy to be able to share you all! It's been forever since I've had the occasion to make a post such as this, so without further ado, here they are~

First off is a doodle which has probably been a long time coming, and which I've mentioned wanting to do many times but just have never gotten around to: my first-ever fanart of Spitfire! I've been kicking around this idea for ages now but after a recent conversation on my previous post about said pony, and after learning that I'd missed my friend Kateasaurus' birthday (she's a big fan of Spitfire) I decided there was no time like the present. Hopefully you enjoy her especially, Katie-dear, because she was made with you in mind and I wanted to do something to make up for missing your birthday!

..Okay, I know what you all are probably thinking and really, I have no excuse for myself. But I can say at least that I originally made the sketch of this picture months ago! This doodle is a reference to a line in a fanfiction, Diamond in the Rough, that described Fluttershy "joylessly pounding down shot after shot like an old, bitter alcoholic". As out of character as it was I still found the mental image hilarious the first time I read the story, and told the author in my comments on the EqD thread that someday, I would make a fanart of the idea. Nearly six months later, I have at last.

D'aww, Twilight Sparkle can be so adorable when she wants to be. This picture was a definite quickie and was not inspired by anything in particular, just the result of some random sketching I did while working on my upcoming commissioned piece. She looked so cute that I decided to finish her, and I suppose more Twilight is always welcome by many of you besides.

Yes, once again I know what you all are thinking, but for once I have created a piece of Rarijack fanart for somebody other than myself! This picture was done as a birthday gift for a friend of mine, who happens to like this pairing about as much as I do and who I had discussed the idea of an artwork with, the end consensus being that an excessively adorable picture of Applejack and Rarity together was in order (hopefully I managed to achieve just that). Though I think it's pretty decidedly shippy, I suppose there's still enough wiggle-room in personal interpretations to imagine this as more of a friendshipping picture for those who are so inclined... in any case I only hope that you're happy with it dear friend of mine because that's all that matters to me. *^_^* Excessively adorable ponies~~

Well it's a relatively small offering of artworks for a Roundup this time around, and in all fairness a few of them are a step or two above many of my doodles, but I'm merely excited to get some personal artworks up again and am happy I was able to squeeze these out in the record time that I did. Coming up next is another commission, which if all goes according to plan I will be able to share with you all very soon. Until then, stay lovely dears~!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Little Something Special: Happy Birthday Harwick!

Wahaha yes, that's right you might have thought you could slip it by me unsaid, but another fabulous little birdie told me today was your special day, and you know what that means~! Well, possibly a party, but also most assuredly that a piece of birthday gift-art is now in order!

This painting might not be too much, and honestly I have no idea where the inspiration came from as I was initially planning on making you something fun, funnier and more on the cartoony side. But for whatever reason when I sat down to draw, this was the ONLY image that would come to my mind and so I felt compelled to just go with it... hopefully you will enjoy it as well!

Meehee... I hope you won't hate me too much for doing this, but really you deserve it you know. *^_^* And I felt it was the least I could do. So yes, once again Happy Birthday dear, and wishing you all the best in this year to come~!

More art coming soon enough as well, everyone! Or if all goes according to plan, that is. Until then, do stay lovely~! <3


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And Now for Something a Little Bit Different--Commission #7!

Good evening, dearest friends and followers! I am happy to say that at last, and perhaps a day or two later than I intended to have it up Commission #7 is here. And I'm certainly pleased and relieved to be able to share it with you all now.

This commission was done for the lovely BaffMan of pony community fame, who also happens to be a fellow Rarijack fan which of course I can hardly complain about. He came to me wanting a piece that brought to life a little scene written by himself and a fellow fan and friend from my understanding, and I did my best to do his vision justice, resulting in the cute little scene above where Rarity is not altogether thrilled by her experience helping Applejack in the orchard (Applejack, by contrast seems to find this turn of events highly entertaining). This particular piece of course is not especially shippy which I'm sure some of you will appreciate, though as per usual with my fanworks I am always happy to leave things open for personal interpretation.

As I'm sure is entirely obvious at first glance, this picture is quite different from most of my commissions to date, and certainly from the full-scale digital paintings that have made up my last two paid works. Baff, however, was perfectly content to ask for something more along the lines of what I frequently refer to as my doodles, and I can say that I was more than happy to be able to fulfill such a request... in a way it was a great deal of fun really and a pleasant change of pace from my more elaborate endeavors. Hopefully you all will enjoy the end result as well, and even if the piece is arguably not as "impressive" as some of the others that I have done.

As usual, I'm happy to tell you all that you can be expecting some more new artwork from me soon... very soon in fact if I'm able to stick to a personal deadline that I have given myself. While I can't promise there will be much in the way of personal fanart as I was originally hoping, seeing as how I once again have several commissions lined up I can only hope that you all will enjoy the offerings all the same, and very much look forward to being able to share them with you.

Until next time then, I trust you all will remain quite fabulous. Cheers, darlings~!


Friday, March 2, 2012

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Art for Something SPECIAL!! Plus, Trixie~

Greetings, lovely followers, and what a delightfully glorious day it is! I'm interrupting my previously scheduled art posts (meaning the commissioned piece I intend to have completed within the next day or two) to bring you all something special which could not wait, and which I feel deserves its own celebratory post even if it could. And that special something is a fabulous gift I received yesterday in the mail. Namely, this:

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you... this really IS one of the most adorable little works of art to ever be crafted by human hands. An absolutely precious little Applejack, looking sad and alone, and clutching onto a tiny Rarity plushie. I mean seriously, if someone denied me my pills for a week and subjected me to nonstop work stress, I doubt it could cause my heart to flutter any more than this.

This gift was made and mailed to me by an exceedingly kind artist, of Equestria Daily and deviantART fame who goes by the name of dusty, perhaps better known as Sond on this blog. The terrifically fabulous thing is that I was aware of his artwork already (do check out his deviantART gallery), and in fact had been gushing on about one of his sculptures in an EqD custom compilation post only days before Applejack arrived. He made her for me simply as a show of appreciation for my artwork, he said, a gesture which I obviously find immensely touching and flattering and which of course I wanted to repay somehow, hence the Trixie doodle-art above (she's one of his favorite ponies, and I was excited to do the piece because I've never drawn her before ^_^). So yes, needless to say I can hardly express my gratitude for such an immensely kind act, and I personally feel Trixie was the absolute least I could do to make it up to him (I hope you enjoy her, dear).

Of course, as I'm sure you can all imagine there are plenty more photos of Applejack where the above came from, and in the interest of saving space on my front page you can find them all after the break. So. Incredibly. Adorable~!! <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Commission #6!

Good evening, my dears!

Yes it is that time again, when I have new artwork to share with you all, and so soon after my latest post for a pleasant change! Up this time is of course another commissioned work, this time for AtomicGreymon, who was looking for a Tron-pony crossover featuring Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. He had some very specific factors in mind that he was hoping to see brought to life in large wallpaper-sized visual form, and I can only hope that I did his vision proper justice here (EDIT: It's come to my attention that Blogger has automatically resized the picture as apparently it's too large, but if anyone is interested the full-size 2560x1600 pixel version of the painting is available for download at My Little Wallpaper. Many thanks, SharkMachine~! <3).

I'll be the first person to admit that I had certain difficulties with this piece. The first was merely finding the time to work on it given all of my other demands and projects (steampunk Rarity was also quite time-consuming as I have said), as well as just the subject matter itself. I've said repeatedly that I don't consider myself to be especially skilled in rendering complicated inorganic objects such as building and vehicles, and this particular scene demanded just that in the form of the futuristic Tron city (which I do not know the name of if indeed it has one, as admittedly I have not seen the movie). And again, my client had many specific points I needed to take into consideration such as certain angles desired and things like that, so yes it was a worthy challenge to get to a finished product I felt 100% satisfied with.

Anyhow though, hopefully you all will enjoy it. ^.^ And as last time with steampunk Rarity, I'm happy to say that I have some concept art to share with you all in the form of suit designs and the like, so here they are! I really need to draw more Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, and hopefully now that I'm nearly caught up with all of my commissions at last, I'll be able to do just that!

Well I do believe that is all for now. Expect one more commissioned piece again in the very near future (though admittedly, not one quite so involved as these last two), and after that hopefully some new personal artwork to follow! Until next time then, stay fabulous all. ^_~


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Commission #5 At Last

Good afternoon, everyone!

Yes, after what has probably been a ridiculous amount of time I'm aware, Commission #5 is here. And I am very, very happy to be able to share her with all of you at last!

This commission was done for the ever-tasteful Forderz, who wanted a scene of a wet-haired, steampunk Rarity somewhere out in the elements and with a less-than-pleased expression on her face (can you blame her? Her dress and hair have been ruined!). A scene which was partially inspired by what is one of my favorite pony-fan compositions ever, Rarity IS Industry. I will be the first person to admit that I had a great deal of difficulty with this piece, namely in getting the background to look just as it did in the scene in my mind (Rarity herself has been done for several weeks and was by contrast very easy for me), but at long last after redoing it several times I believe I've accomplished this. And hopefully, you all will enjoy the finished product!

I also have a bit of bonus material for all of you as something of a consolation for being made to wait for so long, in the form of some original concept pictures. The first of course is merely the original sketch of Rarity as she appears in the finished painting (the only thing I really changed you can see is her expression, because she didn't look quite peeved enough) and the second is a page of concepts I doodled when I was planning out her outfit (which was tremendous fun, by the way! I've never designed any steampunk fashions before ^.^). Even though I knew it wasn't going to be used I also drew up an appropriately elaborate hairstyle for her because I imagined this is what it might have looked like at some point before getting ruined by the rain, which of course would justify her frustration tenfold. Anyway I hope you all will enjoy looking at them.

Well that's all for now! At this point I am almost caught up with my commissioned projects at last, and with any luck I should have another new one for you all to see at some point in the next couple weeks. Until then, stay lovely all!


Friday, February 10, 2012


Omigoshomigosh, everyone! The most amazing, FABULOUS thing happened to me today, so incredibly sweet and wonderful that I can hardly even believe it myself! A package came to me in the mail, bearing a gift from an anonymous source, and that gift just happened to be the exquisite, adorable mini-Rarity plush that you now see before you on this blog. Can you even believe it!? Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, mweeeeee~ <3 <3 <3 **bounces up and down**

I really can't even believe that somebody would do this... I can hardly remember receiving such a wonderful surprise as adorable mini-Rarity at any other time in my life! And from an anonymous source too, who does that!?? I mean, I can perhaps guess who might have done something so incredibly sweet and wonderful for me, but if that person wishes to stay anonymous than of course I shall keep my speculations to myself. ^_~ It's hard though, I should very much like to crush said person in a hug if only I was able!

I believe at this point I shall take the opportunity to say thank you so much everyone for all of your continuing support and interest in my artwork, and I hope you realize I appreciate you all immensely! More pictures of mini-Rarity, as well as some other lovely bonuses I've been meaning to share with you all are now forthcoming, so in the interest of saving space on my front page you can read more after the break if you're so inclined. ^_~ Cheers friends~! <3

Friday, January 6, 2012

Commission #4 Is Here!

Greetings, my dears~!

It's that time again, one of those happy occasions when I actually have some new artwork to share with you all! Joy, artwork~

Up this time is another commissioned piece, this time for none other than our dear Favo, who asked for a picture of Rarity with her hair down ala-Sisterhooves Social (dampness not necessarily required). A simple enough request, and I can only hope that I did his vision justice... with his blessings I am now posting the picture up to share with you all. Hopefully you all will enjoy it well enough; it's a little different from most of the pony-fanart I've done to date, granted, but I'm happy enough with it all the same. And I can pretty much guarantee you that this is as close to "saucy" as it ever gets with me (not to say that this picture is anything remotely resembling sauce, honestly, though most people seem to consider wet-haired Rarity a bit risqué. So yes, have some of that).

Anyhow, hopefully and with any luck I will have some more new artwork again soon... I was amazed I got this one done when I did honestly (it was actually finished last night, once my 14-hour headache finally subsided. Otherwise I got absolutely nothing done yesterday, and actually--dare I say it--existed in a state of frumpiness all day. This is a pretty accurate representation, really). I still have a couple other commissions in-progress and a few more queued-up after that, so chances are you will be seeing some more from me soon enough.

I suppose that's all for now. Until the next time, dears, stay lovely~!