Friday, March 2, 2012

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Art for Something SPECIAL!! Plus, Trixie~

Greetings, lovely followers, and what a delightfully glorious day it is! I'm interrupting my previously scheduled art posts (meaning the commissioned piece I intend to have completed within the next day or two) to bring you all something special which could not wait, and which I feel deserves its own celebratory post even if it could. And that special something is a fabulous gift I received yesterday in the mail. Namely, this:

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you... this really IS one of the most adorable little works of art to ever be crafted by human hands. An absolutely precious little Applejack, looking sad and alone, and clutching onto a tiny Rarity plushie. I mean seriously, if someone denied me my pills for a week and subjected me to nonstop work stress, I doubt it could cause my heart to flutter any more than this.

This gift was made and mailed to me by an exceedingly kind artist, of Equestria Daily and deviantART fame who goes by the name of dusty, perhaps better known as Sond on this blog. The terrifically fabulous thing is that I was aware of his artwork already (do check out his deviantART gallery), and in fact had been gushing on about one of his sculptures in an EqD custom compilation post only days before Applejack arrived. He made her for me simply as a show of appreciation for my artwork, he said, a gesture which I obviously find immensely touching and flattering and which of course I wanted to repay somehow, hence the Trixie doodle-art above (she's one of his favorite ponies, and I was excited to do the piece because I've never drawn her before ^_^). So yes, needless to say I can hardly express my gratitude for such an immensely kind act, and I personally feel Trixie was the absolute least I could do to make it up to him (I hope you enjoy her, dear).

Of course, as I'm sure you can all imagine there are plenty more photos of Applejack where the above came from, and in the interest of saving space on my front page you can find them all after the break. So. Incredibly. Adorable~!! <3 <3 <3


So, truly now friends I seriously doubt any of you have seen a whole lot of pony-works in the past that could rival this little one for sheer cuteness (another shot of Applejack in the windowsill, from a slightly different angle this time. I suppose it would be more appropriate for the mood if it was raining outside but alas in this instance, I live in southern California). She really is just exquisite, and she looks so incredibly sad that it's too bad I can't squeeze her for fear of breaking her. Must love little button-eyed Rarity as well.

Her little hat is actually completely detachable, isn't that just the sweetest little thing? No, seriously though it is...

That's just adorable. There are no other words, just... g'ah...

And lastly, a picture of little Applejack on my bedroom dresser in front of the window, and underneath my miniature rose plant (which you can't really see in the picture) even though it's not quite the same as an apple tree. She won't be residing here permanently because I fear the sun could potentially damage her, but for the moment at least my room is all the more fabulous thanks to one darling little pony.

So, yes, it really is difficult for me to express just how happy and grateful I am for such a gift, but I did try and once again I can only hope Sond enjoys my own attempt at repayment in the form of a flashy smug Trixie. It means even more to me to receive such a thing considering recent events in my life... I haven't said anything because I know this blog shouldn't really be the place for my own personal business, but a family friend passed away recently (when I was finishing up work on my Tron commission) and even though he was older and very sick I'm afraid I've been a bit melancholy. Things are looking up now however, and once again my most sincere thanks to Sond for doing something so wonderful for me which has really helped to cheer me up. You are a dear~ =^_^=

Well I imagine that's all for now friends, and doubtless I've written enough but hopefully I should have something new for all of you soon that you might enjoy. Thank you all once again for all of the unending support of myself and work, and until next time stay lovely~!


(EDIT) P.S. Oh yes and it should also probably go without saying that I finally did something about that dreadful header text on my page... hopefully you all will find the change to be much more aesthetically pleasing.


Anon said... Reply to comment

Ah, now I just want to make something for you even more, but I still can't live independently... You're killing me, guys.

To say that this sculpture (?) looks Hasbro-quality would be an understatement. It expresses emotion, it's perfectly proportionate, and it's just so clean. What I am most impressed by (aside from the face, of course) is the shape of the hair. The cut-in lines look much better than something just flatly painted on. You know, at this rate you're getting more gifts than the EQD moderators. Finally, you are getting what you deserve after all of this.

When I first saw the new header, it reminded me of the White Diamonds logo that I had mentioned in the past. I think it its very fitting of your style.

It's also nice to see you finally draw Trixie. Her outfit is so decorated, and I like the dramatic way you shaded her hair. If you have repaid a gift of art with not money, but another gift of art in exchange...then we have finally come to the point of creation that I was hoping for. Where will this go next? I hope I will get to see.

Oh, and just as a side note, it seems you really had a good reason for that... I wish I could be of better support but I was born after most of the chain deaths in my family (Most of them, anyway) and I don't really know my outside family very much. But I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and I hope we can be of any support to you. Now we all should start making Rarijack-related things. Followers, get to it.

PonydoraPrancypants said... Reply to comment


Sometimes good things do happen to good people. I wouldn't know you from any lady I might pass on the street, but your words and deeds reveal your generosity of spirit and big-iosity of heart. This is a wonderful gift you received, and I hope it helps you (even a little bit) with the difficult times you've gone through, and will go through.

I have two very sick relatives right now, and I know that sad times are around the corner. I'm not looking forward to it, but having friends and family can work miracles.

I don't have that special something (je ne sais quoi) that makes everyone fall head over heels in friendship with me, but you have it spades. You are kind, charming, patient, considerate, and generous. You are a diamond shining brightly from your corner of a digital world that can be very, very ugly, and I know that you must shine twice as bright in person.

If there ever were someone deserving of random acts of friendship, it is you. Sond has really created a special little friend for you there (and a special, littler, friend for her)! What a wonderful thing, and thank you so very, very much for sharing it with all of us web cretins.

I hope very sincerely that you sail through this rough patch quickly, and that peace, joy, laughter, and all that good stuff will fill up your life. You deserve it.

Kateasaurus said... Reply to comment

I'm so very happy for you! That little AJ sculpture is simply adorable in so many ways. You definitely deserved to have something brighten your day for all the fabulous art you create. I must admit: I do stalk your blog daily, in hopes of something new. It makes me rather giddy whenever I see a new post. ^_^

I'm so sorry to hear of the recent passing of your friend too. I lost my two best friends a few years back, and it was a horrible experience since I had no one to talk to about it. So if you ever need a virtual shoulder to cry on, you can always drop me an email at

Last but, most certainly, not least: TRIXIE! Her expression just screams: "Watch in AWE!" I'm so in love with it! Her cape especially, it looks fantastic. (Ponies in clothing, my Achilles' Heel.)

I'm going to wrap it up, before I keep rambling even more. I haven't had an entire weekend to myself in a while, so I've been lurking online far too much today. ~_^

TomTheRock said... Reply to comment

shes so cute... also I love the Trixie image.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Hahaha you fabulously sweet thing you... there's no need for anyone to make me Rarijack works. Because as I told Harwick quite honestly, I'm content to entertain myself with making my own (not that I don't enjoy seeing what other artists come up with too, of course, but that's quite alright). All of you do quite enough by keeping me company here on this blog and generously supporting my fanart, and I assure you I'm most grateful for it.

Yes, little Applejack really is just beautiful isn't she? Not only precious as I have already said repeatedly, but also a wonderful display of fine craftsmanship. Sond clearly made her very special for me and I don't know if I could ever thank him enough for it. I really just adore her...

I'm glad you like the Trixie doodle, because as I said I had a great deal of fun with it (in a way it was refreshing not to be working on a commissioned piece again, where I was free to draw whatever popped into my head) and again I only hope Sond enjoys her as well. He really does deserve her, and probably much more.

Oh heheh yes, that header text. Thank you very much for that dear and I'm glad you approve, and indeed I was thinking of you and that logo font which you and I had discussed once-upon-a-time. I briefly considered using the very same type but figured I should probably be more original (or at least as original as my pseudonym of the same product name allows), so went with something different but which I still hoped would be appropriately classy and befitting of this blog. So yes, glad you approve!

It's quite alright dear; you don't have to say anything really and I very much appreciate the thought, as well as the concern you have shown recently without even knowing the cause (here I was thinking the anonymity of the internet would allow me to conceal whatever troubled moods I'd been experiencing, and yet you picked up on them right away. I am reminded that no small detail ever gets by you!). Anyway I sincerely do appreciate it, and I can assure you that you do more than enough just by being yourself.


Oh, my dear friend... I hardly even know what to say in respond to such gracious words, and could not stop smiling through much of them I'll have you know. I realize you have a gift with words, obviously, but again can only express my gratitude for having such a lovely composition directed to me. Truly, thank you for that.

I'm very sorry to hear about what you have been going through with your relatives, and again when I think of the inevitabilities that are to come. That's what we just went through with my particular gentlemen friend; he had been very sick for a long time and knew that he was dying, but this doesn't always make things any easier, and even when one is so ill that death itself is probably a blessing. At least for the individual who is going through it; it's all the rest of us who really suffer afterward. I've been through this before with other friends and family members (and pets, come to think of it)... many many times actually, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to get any easier the more you experience it... I suspect the opposite might even be true for me, and I've grown into one of the most sentimental people I know as a result. I'll admit it; I'm sappy and I will probably cry at a sad TV commercial. Anyway though you are correct that friends and family at least are able to make a huge difference, and I hope you have plenty of those along to help you out with your own difficulties you're now going through.

Really, thank you again for all the immensely kind words... I doubt I can ever say anything in response that will do them justice. But I hope you realize I've come to appreciate our conversations very much, and am genuinely still honored by your presence on my little blog. It is very much appreciated! <=)

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh you're so incredibly sweet, you dear thing you! I hope you realize I appreciate our little conversations and banter on fabrics and so on immensely, as well, and even if your blog doesn't seem like it will ever welcome my postings (we'll have to see about that; I really need to make an effort to contact Blogger about the problem). Anyway yes I feel very lucky I've been able to get to know all of you.

I'm terribly sorry to hear what you went through with your friends my dear, that sounds absolutely awful. And I can only assume they were younger people which always seems to make it even more tragic (I also lost a young friend several years ago; he unexpectedly died just a few weeks before his 19th birthday). But at least in my case I didn't have to go through that experience alone, so I can't even imagine what it must have been like for you. I very much appreciate the kind gesture though, and one of these days I might just have to email you even so we can talk about something random or fun... if you'd be up for it that is!

Heehee yes, Trixie... I had no idea you were so fond of her but I suppose the ponies in clothes fascination should have tipped me off there (it's really no wonder you've come to adore Rarity as well). ^.^ The doodle had started off far more simple but then I realized I had all of these wonderful, digital yards of cloth that I could do something suitably dramatic with, and so played around with them and had them flare up like a field of stars behind her (we can argue it's done with the aid of magic). Anyway I'm so very happy to hear you like her!

Rambling is always welcome on my blog darling as I've said before, but I'm sure you have plenty of other pursuits to keep you busy as well! Thank you so much again for all of the kind words though, and oh yes I believe I must now congratulate you on making it through your chemo! A little birdie told me you see, and I definitely think it's an announcement worthy of celebration! ^_~


Isn't she just darling though? Truly, darling. I think Applejack is an immensely cute pony anyway, and have for some time of course but yes, seeing her rendered in cuddly clay form and clutching her own little Rarity plush just takes the squeeing to critical levels.

I'm also very happy to hear that you like the Trixie doodle; thank you so much dearie! I don't know whether or not I ever would have gotten around to drawing her if not prompted by such a suggestion, but I'm very glad now that I made the effort. ^_^

zhoomcar said... Reply to comment

That Applejack and her mini-Rarity... All of my d'aww. All of it. I mean, Applejack's expression, just makes me want to hug the little thing. :<

Oh, and there's that fabulous Trixie, being her grandiose self. I'm sure a certain Sethisto over at EQD will be rather pleased to see this too...

To be honest, I actually didn't notice the header until I actually read through the post, stay classy, Di.

...Coming up next on the WhiteDiamonds blog, Commission #6!

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


I know, right? I feel exactly the same as you. You should have seen (or heard) my reaction upon taking her out of the mailer box, and I almost kissed her head until I realized I was wearing red lipstick and I doubt she would have appreciated that very much. But yes, looking at her face it was hard not to. At least she has Rarity to keep her company though~ (d'aaaww~ <3)

And yes, Trixie! I'm so glad you enjoy her dear. ^.^ It's funny because I was actually thinking of Seth myself as I was sketching her, and I only wonder if the picture will turn up in a Drawfriend or not... I suppose given the subject matter though it has a much better chance than most of mine.

I'm glad you approve of the new header as well (though I might yet need to tweak it a bit to get it fully up to my standards); merci beaucoup! And actually, it will be Commission #7 I'll have up for you if all goes well... can you even believe that really?

CaineScroll said... Reply to comment

First off, I'm sorry for the passing of your friend. I'm afraid I can't relate to this much, the last known death in my family was my grandfather back in '03. But I hope that you'll recover soon, I think everyone here does.

Sond's AJ figurine came at the right time, I hope it cheered you up somehow. I'm also a bit amused that Grace didn't try to claw this one.^^ It's nice of you to whip up that Trixie doodle as a form of repayment even in your busy schedule, and a pretty good one at that (who am I kidding, they're all good).

Sorry this comment is kind of short, I'm feeling really strained right now...

Favo said... Reply to comment
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Favo said... Reply to comment
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Kateasaurus said... Reply to comment

@WhiteDiamonds Do feel free to e-mail me about anything, or just to chat! Since really the only way for you to get in touch with me required a dA account, or me commenting here. Since blogger hates my comment section on my blog. :P

I just don't know what it is about clothed ponies! Plus Trixie has that fabulous cape and hat... I just can't help but love her. Plus I'm fond of both blue and white ponies, so she just fits the bill. You just made her look so amazing, I may have had a squee moment.

Thank you as well! I'm very happy to be done with treatment. I'm most looking forward to my hair growing back. (I don't really pull off the head scarf look. It always seems to clash with what I'm wearing.) So it's good the little birdie told you! I keep forgetting to bring it up :P

Harwick said... Reply to comment

Starting at the top: Love that Trixie! I firmly believe every artist should draw Trixie at least once, regardless of how they feel about her. Her costume is just too much fun, as is her flair for the dramatic. Love the simple color palette here, as well as the motion of the cape and the proud, smirking figure of the pony herself! And the hat is classic as always. It was a great, fun surprise to share the Drawfriend with you today.

Next, the AJ figurine is amazing... I've done some sculpting work in the past, and it's not my forte, so I really admire the ability to do something with so much character and charm. How are there not things like this for sale from Hasbro? I don't understand it. Love the little Rarity plush, and the removable hat. Just so many great features, but the expression is what puts it over the top. Outstanding work! (And much more at that Deviant Art page... thanks for sharing that!)

Oh, and lovely new header to the blog too. Very art deco. All in all, this was a great little surprise update.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Thank you so much my dear. I'm doing much better overall, but any time I've lost someone I've found it's a lot of ups-and-downs as far as emotions go... for the most part though, I've been feeling fine. I appreciate the sentiments very much though; you are a dear.

Sond's beautiful little Applejack sculpture certainly did cheer me up, even if she herself looks as though she could use a hug. I really do adore her though. I'm also glad to hear you enjoyed the Trixie art, rush-job though it was (I really wanted to squeeze Sond's thank-you in as soon as I could, and hope he enjoyed her even if she's little more than a doodle. Unfortunately I didn't think I'd have time for much else anytime soon). The kind feedback means a lot, anyway.

I know what you mean, though for me in this particular case I think it's little more than fatigue and some vitamin deficiency, and I hope your case is no more serious either. Anyway there's never need to apologize for a short comment; it's enough for me that you take the time at all, really.


Oh darling you're back! I've missed you so much, I'll be perfectly honest. ^_^ Thank you very much for all of the kind words, and yes Applejack really is the most adorable thing in the world/blog, or pretty close to it... I feel very lucky to have received such a charming pony-present.

Thank you for the condolences as well. I'm very sorry to hear about what happened with your friend, and I can only imagine that must have been a pretty frightening thing to witness. It's good to hear that he's doing alright now though. As far as the email and so on please don't feel the need to mention it... I still owe you a reply myself if I remember right and I obviously understand what it's like to become preoccupied... I'm only happily surprised and grateful to see you posting here again, as I said.

Lastly, thank you... I am glad you like the banner though. Even if most anything would have been better than what I had before, I still appreciate it!


I might well do that some time darling thank you, and certainly if I don't hear back from Blogger or if they're unable to fix the problem for me (ridiculous, honestly..).

I guess I can see what you mean about ponies and clothes, and certainly I've found designing outfits for them to be a surprisingly fun activity (I had an idea a while back that it would be a blast to design, say, a fall lineup for Rarity, and then draw her modeling several of the outfits) but such a thing would probably be far more time-consuming than I can really justify for my fun hobby... perhaps someday though. Anyway thanks so much again for all the praise regarding Trixie; it makes me smile to hear that she brought you so much happiness!

No need to thank me for that, certainly not! And yes I'm glad my birdie mentioned it as well, seeing as how I probably would not have known otherwise. I'm happy that you'll be able to look forward to your hair regrowing now, and thinking of it only reminds me of my sister which is actually a pretty funny story. She's always had black, straight hair you see, but when it first grew in after her chemo and for about six months afterwards, it was red and completely curly! It definitely was a funny surprise when it first happened. ^.^

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Thank you so much, my friend, and likewise the Drawfriend was a lovely surprise for me! As I said I had no idea you'd been working on anything new recently, and I wasn't sure if my Trixie would make it or not (I never submit my own artwork to Drawfriends, so it's always interesting for me to see if they shall show up or not). Anyway I must thank you very much for all of the praise, quick and simple though she was, and yes I will agree I had a tremendous amount of fun drawing her.

Applejack truly is a work of art! I sculpt myself (or I should say, I used to; it's been a while since I've really done much with it) and I have to say I was very impressed with how well Sond captured her likeness. Her hair, especially and of course her expression are just wonderful. I feel so happy to have her, and I can assure you that I doubt she could have ever gone to a more appreciative home.

It was my pleasure to be able to share Sond's/dusty's deviantART page, of course, and I have to thank you also for the feedback on the banner. As I said I still might mess with it a little bit more (I'm not convinced it's quite fabulous enough, yet), but for what it is I feel it's a much-needed improvement.

Forderz said... Reply to comment

That isn't a doodle, WD. Doodles are lame little sketches done on the inside cover of a scribbler while your bored in class.

What you do is Art, with a capital A.

You've described how adorable that Applejack figurine is better than I could, so I'll just chime in with the useless observation that I read Sondheim whenever I see Sond. You can imagine my initial surprise while reading your post.

I lost my cute little kitty cat Cuddles to feline leukaemia a few years ago, and my uncle just last year. I had the opportunity to view the body of my uncle, but my past blubberings with my cat gave me the impression that there was nothing down that path worth the pain.

I did write a pretty awesome eulogy for his funeral (my uncle, not my cat), and made it all the way through before breaking down in tears. I may have turned in my man card for ponies, but I'm a man!

This comment meandered.

Kateasaurus said... Reply to comment

@WhiteDiamonds You designing a fall lineup for Rarity sounds like the most fabulous idea ever! Although I know exactly what you mean with how that could be a bit time consuming for just a hobby. I tend to get overambitious on things, and I'm too stubborn to not finish. Plus, I know if you did end up doing it, I'd be working on yet another set of outfits for Rarity. ~_^

That is too funny about your sister's hair! Hopefully mine grows back in as my natural chocolate brown. I don't think I could pull off anything but that. Although I was set on being blonde (like I was as a very young child) until I got sick of it in high school. Thank goodness, too. Keeping up with dark brown roots was an unspeakable nightmare for me.

anzul said... Reply to comment

"button-eyed Rarity" brigns me bad thoughs...

aniway,gaaaah! indeed its daam cute! :D

Sond said... Reply to comment

Oh my! This Trixie is so delightful! I love how her cape flows around her to reflect her flashy personality. And her expression and 'hair flair' matches. Suffice to say, this makes me want to make a Trixie sculpt, I'm long over due for one and after seeing this, I might just push plans for that to the front.
This is well more than repayment, as I thank you again for your awesome work.

I'm sorry to hear about your family friend, if I had known I would have done something better ^^;. And I do hear you about not wanting to make things personal, I like to keep things non-personal as well. But sometimes people start asking and I just tell them a bit. Anywho, I'm glad you're getting back and I hope you feel better.

Also, I'm sorry for the late response. I hadn't thought the gift would've gotten there so quickly ^^; so I didn't schedule photo editing till this weekend.
Anyway, if you're still interested, I posted my photos of your AJ up on my account. Thank you again for everything :D

PS- I hope you don't mind I made Trixie my avatar <3

jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

I've been away far too long, but hopefully I'll be able to keep up better going forward. It's a nice, peaceful night, no responsibilities for tomorrow, and Satchmo playing in WinAmp; perfect atmosphere for commenting.

Starting at the top, the new header is much more fitting and attractive than the old one. It has a strong art-deco vibe, which is never a bad thing, and which seems very appropriate for your blog.

Your Trixie "doodle", like most of your "doodles", is better than the vast majority of polished, detailed fan art. You've captured her attitude exactly in her expression and posture, and her billowing cape (most likely, as you said, helped along by her magic) frames her wonderfully while also emphasizing her poise and self-confidence. The colors and lighting are also terrific. This has to be one of the best Trixie portraits I've seen, and she's had more than her fair share of fan art over the past year-plus. As beautiful as your commissioned works are, I always hope to see more of your spontaneous fan arts, as they always have a life and character all their own.

That Applejack sculpture is just so adorable, words fail me. Her tiny Rarity plushie is fabulous, and I have to echo everyone else's comments about how well her mane and tail came out; that really does look like the cartoon character come out into the real world. And of course, her hat is the icing on the cake. I have a Derpy and Dinky set from Sond, so I know just how nice his sculptures look up close, too; I'm sure wherever you display her, she'll brighten up the room.

You also have my sympathies on the passing of your friend; even in those cases where we know someone is better off for having made the final transition, it's inevitable that we'll miss having them around. However much you may still be grieving, I'm sure you'll be OK with the help of your friends and family, and of course you have plenty of friends here willing to support you if needed. (And PonydoraPrancypants, similar thoughts apply to you regarding your ill relatives, and I hope and pray for the best for them and the rest of your family.)


As scary as it was at the time, I'm glad that your friend is OK after suffering whatever problem struck him in class. And it's always good to see your comments here, so I'm happy that you're not dead yet.


It's great to hear that you've completed your chemo, and I hope you continue to recuperate and heal!


The idea of designing a full seasonal lineup of outfits for Rarity does sound promising, but I can certainly understand how hard it would be to find the time to commit to such a project. If you do decide to give it a shot, I hope we get to see the results.

And please tell me you got some photos of your sister as a redhead, as possible blackmail material or at least to tease her about really being a redhead if she's ever firey or stubborn. ;)


Small world, ain't it? ;) I'm long overdue to leave you a couple of comments on dA, but hopefully I can get that taken care of during the next couple of days, as well as an email I need to send. And I expect she'll be fine with you using the Trixie drawing as your avatar; before long, I expect the majority of people commenting here will have their avatar taken from one drawing or another of hers. :)

jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

And for something a bit more general in scope: I've finally had some good fortune in locating pony merchandise lately. Specifically, I've found some small brushables on clearance (specifically, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy), and the blindbags have started showing up locally, so I've got a small army of Roselucks. If anyone's interested in any of the mentioned ponies, or wants me to try to find a specific wave 1 blindbag pony, let me know at my address (jody.morgan), and I'll do what I can.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh, dearie, you're so incredibly sweet... thank you for that anyway. I suppose I do use the term "doodle" a bit loosely but by what I would consider to be my usual standards, such fanarts are far from finished pieces to my eye.

I am so very sorry to hear about both your uncle, and your kitty-cat... it's amazing to me how often people seem to disregard the death of pets as relatively trivial affairs. I remember how incredibly heartbroken I was when I lost two of my own over the past several years (my little Jack Russell terrier, who had to be put to sleep in light of terrible failing health and a kitten of mine who died unexpectedly last year at only a year old), and it can hurt just as much as losing a person you care about. I also can empathize with your sentiments in regards to wakes, since I've attended them before myself and am not entirely sure it was the best thing for me to have done, in hindsight.

In any case though, you do have my sympathies. Also, Sondheim? Well that certainly would have been interesting if he had sent me an adorable custom Applejack sculpt... you are silly sometimes dear, but I'm thankful for it I hope you know. ^_~


Yes, regrettably I am so busy between both my jobs, and now managing this blog and pony-commissions that I don't know if I'll ever be able to justify starting on the idea, but I certainly did love it when it first came to me! Rarity is just far too fabulous a source of inspiration, and I only wish I had all the time in the world to devote to every new project that comes to mind. Well, again maybe someday I'll be able to do something with it, and then I suppose I can look forward to your plushie-couture interpretation of my designs haha~ ^.^

It really was funny about my sister's hair, but thankfully it was a temporary situation seeing as how the Lucille Ball look did not exactly suit her. I've heard similar stories from other chemo patients I've known in the past as well. But hopefully yes, your hair will regrow to its natural color unless you really think you might like to try the blonde out again... it's a good think I'm contented with my own dark hair because the last thing I'd need to do would be to add color touch-ups to my already extensive beauty regime...


Oh, does it though? I will confess in my own case all it brings to mind is the fact that I need to mend some buttons on a pair of jeans and some pajamas, but that's okay and you don't have to enlighten me otherwise. I am glad in any case that you find her cute and lovable... thank you for taking the time to leave a reply~! ^.^

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh, there you are my friend! I wasn't sure if I should anticipate a post from you but it's always such a lovely treat to see you reply here; thank you so much~! ^.^

And thank you, thank you, most sincerely once again for such an exceptional and precious gift as little Applejack... I hope it's entirely apparent to you that I love and adore her with all of my heart. <3 If I was given the opportunity to ask for whatever I wanted in sculpture-form I doubt I could have imagined or requested anything more, and on that note I can assure you that you shouldn't (or couldn't) have done "something better" for me... she really is perfect and believe me, I am immensely grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

I'm so incredibly happy to hear that you like your Trixie artwork! As I said, this was my first time drawing her and I have to say it was a very enjoyable experience... I really must thank you for the inspiration to undertake such a project (oh and yes, suffice to say I'm only flattered by the change in avatar ^_^). The fact that she, in turn might have inspired you to create another wonderful sculpt is also fabulous for me to hear; I'm very much looking forward to seeing that if you get around to it!

Please do not trouble yourself at all about replying somewhat after the fact... again, I'm only glad that you like your own little gift, and that you know how much I appreciated mine in turn. And I very much enjoyed looking at the photos up in your gallery as well as on your Tumblr page so thank you for sharing... I do believe I can now say that this is one of my favorite images ever~ <3

Thank you so much for everything once again, it really does mean the world to me!

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Yay, it's Jody! We have already been in contact via email of course but I'm sure it goes without saying that I'm thrilled to see you posting here once again... I've certainly missed your presence in our little blog conversations recently, I hope you know. ^.^

Thank you very much for all of your kind words. I'm glad that you like the improved header text and find it befitting of me and my blog, and of course I very much appreciate the lovely feedback on Trixie... you all really do flatter me with such abundant praise of even my expedient artworks. I'm happy that you picked up on everything I was feeling and going for when I was working on her, and I have to agree with you that as proud as I often am of my more elaborate finished pieces, it's creating these small, spontaneous little portraits and scenes that really brings me joy... perhaps it's only the fact that there's not as much pressure on me, but I do find them fun to make.

I know, I know... I have already gushed on about Applejack at length, to the extent that you probably all are merely humoring me at this point. But truly I can't help but break into a smile every time I look at her, and also can never resist petting her tiny head (SO adorable~ <3). I do distinctly remember you sharing the photos of your Derpy and Dinky sculpture after Sond made it for you, and as I said I was rather familiar with many of his other works courtesy of Equestria Daily so suffice to say that yes, it was a huge and lovely surprise to receive my own original Sond/dusty ponywork.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful condolences. You're right and despite the ups and downs I have been experiencing, overall I've been feeling much better, and certainly have all of you to thank for a good portion of that. Regarding my sister I know some photos do exist somewhere, even if she's not normally the type of person who I would describe as fiery (unless it's one of those instances where we are battling it out at either Scrabble or Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, and especially in the case of the latter as even the rest of my family wants nothing to do with us when we're "playing" that game anymore), though you do present a very valid point about the blackmail. I'll be sure to log that one away. I will also be more than happy to share Rarity's seasonal lineup(s) with all of you provided I ever get around to the idea, and indeed I'm pretty thrilled by the interest since I imagined only myself, Katie, and possibly Frankensteinbeck might have had any real interest in such a thing. Hearing otherwise is really a fabulous surprise!

Lastly, of course, I must thank you for being so thoughtful as to share your pony-finds with all of us here, as well as to offer looking for specific blindbag figures if anyone was interested. It's really very kind of you. I'm only sad that there aren't any brushable Rarities on sale but then again this might be for the best... I really don't know if I'd be able to stop myself from buying her (and probably Applejack as well) if they were only available.

jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment


Your passing remark about Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit reminds me of when some college friends and I would play the Star Wars Classic Trilogy Trivial Pursuit, though I suspect our sessions went differently than yours. We were all Star Wars nerds, having seen each of the movies many times and owning all manner of toys, books, and comics based on the movies; still, for all our knowledge, Stephen would always trounce us, more than once winning without getting a single question wrong. Eventually no one else would play against him, which is a shame, because I always enjoy watching someone who's just that good at something.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Actually yes, that's pretty much how it is with my sister and I... we're both so incredibly good at that game, and so fiercely competitive that it's gotten to the point that no one else in our family will even think of agreeing to a game with either of us, and also prefer not to be in the same room when we go head-to-head battling each other. Said sister is the one who introduced me to the trilogy when I was eleven years old you see, and had been obsessed with the books herself when she was twelve, and needless to say we both saw the movies together at least five times apiece and also jumped through numerous hoops to attend a special advanced screening of the last movie in Palm Springs, where we were able to meet Sir Ian McKellen (such an incredibly charismatic man! <3). Suffice to say that for the two of us at least, Lord of the Rings is SRS BSNS, as they say on the internet...

And yes dear Goddess I have now revealed to all of you what an undeniably crazy fangeek I am, and I can only hope I haven't tarnished your mental images of me too badly~ ^.^;;

Kateasaurus said... Reply to comment

@WhiteDiamonds I guess we'll see in the upcoming weeks whenever my hair decides to start growing back! Although I will always love when I have long hair, it has been very convenient to not have any at all! My hair dryer and straightener must be in shock from the lack of use.

@jodyjm13 Thank you for the well wishes! I'm very happy to be done so I can return to my normal life of staying up until 3AM playing the newest Star Wars MMO. (Your last comment accurately describes my usually group of friends to a tee ~_^ I'm only allowed to keep score in such games, for the same reason as your friend.)

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


I never realized you were such a Star Wars fan, darling. Perhaps surprisingly, I enjoy those movies quite a bit myself, though my knowledge of the franchise is admittedly not extensive.

And yes, I know what you mean about long hair... it really can be a great deal of work to keep it up nicely, though I like to think the effort is well worth it. ^_~

Anon said... Reply to comment


While I can't say much about hair colors (as I have so far failed to accurately define my own), certainly it is good news to hear that you will finally get your life back, even though I had always expected it to happen soon. Just as long as you make sure you keep checking on it; as I'm sure you know, it can stay for a very long time and possibly arise later. To focus on the present, however, your potential commissioners should be glad to hear the news of your return.

Oh, and you happen to be the third person here to mention that you have ever played an MMO. I would say that I wish there were more females that shared my general interests, but I'm sure you have heard it all before. And, staying up until 3 AM? So have I these days, as is required if I want to make comments here... Of course, spending it playing expansive games isn't too bad, either. Also, about stalking this blog...I tend to have a tab of it open at all times, and I refresh it every once in a while when I want an excuse to stop looking at work for a moment. Even if it's pony-related non-art productive work (Soon, you all will see...), I like variety too much for the mundane. Which could be the reason why I'm so concerned about getting a scientific job that I seem natural for, not unlike yours.


You managed do the same thing that CaineScroll did: Just when I decided that it would be acceptable to say that the chat "needs more Jody", you arrive on queue. Well, we can all be glad that you also seem to be feeling better, and any further comments that you choose to make will be enjoyed as usual. Funny you should reference Luis Armstrong so soon after I did (even if I had to look it up). I continue to envy your ability to commission members of MLP's creative community, but if there is more for us to see as a result of it then I can't complain.

Anon said... Reply to comment


This blog really has attracted people of relative fame, hasn't it? We have you, Harwick, Ponydora, Sond, BaffMan and less so CaineScroll. It makes me feel like I should be much more impressive, especially after seeing the creators of other arts forms like sculpting, writing and remixing. Most of which I could probably do I wanted to, but it makes me wonder what I would be best at (Now that I know what they all do, I have to find my place)... Oh well, I'm just making a deal of it. With any luck, we're going to find out the hard way sooner or later. I really do want to involve myself in the creative action of this community, no matter what I can do for it. All that I can do is say "soon" and hope you continue to believe me. (I didn't have any "working" work today, as I hope will be the same for now, and so I got a lot done.) These people are inspiring examples of quality work, and it's reassuring to know that they are getting the attention that they deserve for it.

I don't think I have ever been quite so proficient in a fandom, but even so, your stories of "fangeeking" do not tarnish my image of you (it would take a lot to do that). If anything, then it just makes you more relatable. It closes the age gap a bit. The more I hear about you, the more I want to know. If you are willing to say then I would be very interested in hearing about how you managed to gain the opportunity to meet such a person as him. I guess it helped to be living in the area of southern California. My city, and arguably this entire state is like a dead end. There is definitely no creative work here. The median age for my city is something like 68. It's a retirement community, and as so, there are no jobs here. That may be why everyone drives so slowly; you would have try to hit another car to get into an accident. It makes me wonder why we have to have car insurance. I guess that would be why those two instances of crashes or emergencies that I described both occured in the much more built up city of Orlando. If New York City is the city that never sleeps, this is the city that doesn't get up unless 60 Minutes is on. You might see now why I would aspire to relocate to a place like where you live. There must be so many actors and artists there, but here, they are all low-income roofers. All I really want is the same opportunities that you might have, and I think that if I'm going to get everything that I want, I can't stay here. Even if the road safety isn't quite is good, it doesn't matter much when there is nowhere to go. It should come as no surprise that a person like you would live in a place like that, and I hope you're happy that you are already there.

Kateasaurus said... Reply to comment

@WhiteDiamonds It's funny, because my uncle originally bought the movies for my older brother's birthday. He didn't really care for them, but I instantly became obsessed. The rest is history! Luckily since I also played hockey in high school, no one really cared that I was a giant nerd.

@Anon It helps that I'm such an obsessive person sometimes. I already have my next 4 appointments set up, with a million reminders set so I don't miss them. So hopefully everyone I work with will stop getting sick, so I can have my usual days off to make ponies.

Sadly I don't know any other girls who play any sort of video game or share my interests either. The few I have encountered all seem to be a bit crazy, or they do it for the downpour of male adoration they receive in game. They really cast female gamers in a bad light. So just like when I had to "prove myself" on every male hockey team I was on, I have to do so in every game I play. Having no social life right now really helps that out. Lots of time to get to know the ins and outs of the game. As far as the expense goes: Even the usual $15 a month fee isn't so bad. I spend far less money than if I were going out every weekend like I used to. Plus I don't have the pleasure of tearing through people with a lightsaber out in the real world ~_^

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment

Oh, dear, late reply is a bit late I'm afraid, but hopefully you all will still see my reply and thus know I didn't forget about you...


It's funny that you bring that up about our friends and guests, dearest, as I've thought about as much myself in the past. But despite the fact that I am humbled and flattered to realize that my blog and fanart have seemingly gathered such a following, I hope you don't feel that makes me value your posts any less... I know I said as much already on the other thread but it's still true.

And yes, since you are interested I would not at all mind sharing that story with you; it was a particularly good one truth be told. ^.^ The advanced premiere screening of Return of the King was actually done for a charity event in Palm Springs, which my sister was fortunate enough to find out about seeing as how she worked at a local hospital that was involved with it. Being for charity, and of course as it was a special event which Sir Ian McKellen would also be attending and speaking at (plus it included a pre-screening wine and cheese soirée, mwee~) the tickets were a bit more that is usual for such a thing, but we happily saved up since for us at least, being crazy fangeeking people it was well worth it.

Somehow, out of some huge stroke of luck we happened to score front-row seats, a foot away from the stage that preceded the screen and where Sir Ian McKellen would be interviewed and then speak about the charity and the film. When he entered the theatre everyone starting chanting "Gandalf, Gandalf" as he walked down the aisle, until my sister (and I will never know what possessed her to do this) yelled out "MAGNETO!!!", and very loudly at that. The theatre manager spoke for a while before finally introducing Sir McKellen and welcoming him to the podium, but when he did settle up there the first thing he said was "I could have sworn I heard somebody said 'Magneto'". To which I replied (also admittedly loud) "It was her!!" while pointing out my sister, and he laughed and shared a story with us about another fan and a brief tidbit about working on the X-Men films, before moving on to discussing Rings business. It really was tremendously funny and probably the most enjoyable night of my life thus far, and I can only wonder if he still remembers that weirdo that brought up Magneto at a Lord of the Rings screening and tells that story to other fans accordingly.

Anyway though yes, in answer to your question dear I can confirm that I consider myself very fortunate to reside in California, as I touched on before in a conversation with Ponydora and despite the fact that I frequently say I might like to experience living somewhere else at some point. I doubt it will ever be permanently even if I do. While I very much agree that the state has a lot to offer and can be a wonderful place, it's often reflected accordingly in the cost of living, something which I (regrettably) am constantly reminded of. Nevertheless I do of course hope that you'll make it here someday if it's truly where you want to be.


Heheh, it is indeed funny how things like that often work out. ^^ I was first introduced to the original films when I was very young because my brother's ex was a massive geek and was also obsessed with them, and so I consider them to be a pleasant and nostalgic part of my childhood. The newer films are also pretty good though I have to say my favorite is undoubtedly the second (Attack of the Clones); for whatever reason I love that scene in the arena as that praying mantis-monster simultaneously horrifies and fascinates me.