Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not Truly An Update, But...

As the title says, this isn't a regular art update by me, but at the same time I kind of couldn't resist posting something. I've never gone on Reddit.com in my life but apparently, everybody else in the world does, and it seems someone on there posted a link to this blog... the result being several thousands of hits on my page today alone. I logged in to post on Drawfriend and afterwards glanced at my stats simply because it was a welcome distraction from the packing that I should be doing instead and... I was blown away, not going to lie.

So, yes, hello internets! *dignified pageant wave* Since you all are so incredibly supportive, please do have a hastily-drawn Rarity doodle as my thanks, and with any luck I will have something new and lovely to share with you all tomorrow or the next day! ^_^ Until then, friends~



BND said... Reply to comment

Hah, gotta love overly stressed Rarity. ;P

Also, I'll be honest; I still don't understand Reddit. XP

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jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

Love that expression! Even before I scrolled down to the text, I could tell you were astonished by something. Congrats on your newfound exposure!

Favo said... Reply to comment
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MASA said... Reply to comment

Hi there, I found your blog yesterday, and I was blown away. I ended up posting it to reddit (we are at /r/mylittlepony, if you want to stop by!). If you haven't seen the submission, here's the link:


Keep up the great work!

Kateasaurus said... Reply to comment

I saw the post yesterday on reddit! I was really excited for you, since your art definitely deserves more recognition! I know I've shown your page to the few Bronies I know online. :D

TomTheRock said... Reply to comment

'Gratz! Love the picture.

Forderz said... Reply to comment

I'd like to commission a piece from you, if that's okay with you...

But I don't know how to contact you aside from this blog!

Buck said... Reply to comment

From the moment I saw this on EqD last DF, I knew this pic was from you. Seriously, your style is so distinguishing, you're probably my second favorite artist in the fandom.

Also, may I ask, why don't you post your awesome art on DeviantArt? Some reason in particular? I've always thought it'd be much easier to keep track of your work there.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Bound to happen eventually; no one's gonna turn down a new repository for painterly warm fuzzies.

Just don't let the attention get to 'ya, WD. Do what you know feels right, and never forget what drives you as an artist. We'll love 'ya no matter what 'ya do.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment

Oh, my goodness..! Meep~ one at a time, I guess!


I must say that I really love Rarity in all her fabulous incarnations, but on the verge of a mental breakdown does hold a special place in my heart (wow I feel kind of horrible saying that, but it's true!).

And yes, this was my very first experience with it... I guess I've been living under a boulder (who is not named Tom, by the way) all this time. But it has been a most pleasant acquaintance thus far, must say!


Oh mercy, wouldn't that just be it too. If the day ever comes that I win Publisher's Clearing House or something, they'll probably select a time like this to come and knock on my door... a horrible windy day when the static just wreaks havoc on my styling and makes my allergies act up! Which is why I so abhor wind, bleh..


Heheh, yes, I suppose Rarity has sort of become an unofficial mascot of mine, but she's just so versatile! And of course, favorite pony and all... I'll admit I'm biased. ^-^

And thank you, I am... still rather amazed. But then, how often have I said that the reason I make art, and certainly fanart is for others to (hopefully) enjoy it? Certainly more people will be able to do so now, and that is a wonderful thing, no? ^_^


Oh, my, I am so very sorry to hear that, my dear! That's terrible. =( Thank goodness I have never broken any bones before, so I am unable to relate, but you certainly do have my sympathy. My own silly brother just went and broke his arm playing volleyball of all things a couple weeks ago (he is probably the least athletic male alive, so I don't know why he thought he would try taking up a sport at this point in his life), so yes... it's nothing pleasant I know. I certainly hope you make a speedy recovery, of course.

And thank you very much! You're too kind. I should have something new for you all very soon, with any luck. ^_^


Thank you, thank you! Everybody is so generous with all the kudos and I am touched, especially since my main objective in posting this was to show you all a little more appreciation, haha~ ^.^

And I understand completely... honestly I almost mentioned that when I wrote the blog post last night. I truly hope we'll get to see her rock those stylish spectacles again in season two, as thus far they've only made in appearance in Suited For Success and they were far too classy not to receive more screentime!


So it was you who posted that then! Well then I owe you my very sincere thanks, that was incredibly generous of you! <=) I'm so very happy that you enjoy my work, really... now that I'm able to read the post I am even more blown away by all the amazingly kind commentary! Thank you all..! *blush (wow, they even said nice things about my writing style..!)*

I really wish I could think of something a little more eloquent to say but yes, thank you so much again, I mean it sincerely. <=)

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment

(I need two posts for all of this, ohemgee...)


Thanks so very much! I had no idea that site received so much traffic (apparently)... it's still pretty amazing to me! And I very much appreciate your support as well, you are just lovely! ^^


Thank you~! I will do my best to continue to produce fanart whenever I have the chance, believe me (it brings me far too much enjoyment). I'm very happy you liked it!


Oh wow, I'm flattered again... thank you so much for your interest! Though I am going through a somewhat busy period at this time in my offline life I would very much appreciate the opportunity... if you like, do feel free to email me at fabulous.gaijin@yahoo.com and we can discuss it whenever you like. =)

Again, thank you so much for asking!


This is kind of amazing really... I don't mean to sound too overly modest about it or anything but I'm actually blown away by all of this, because I just started randomly posting what I consider to be hasty pony fanart-doodles and incredibly, people really like them! Apparently anyway... it's just so unexpected.

But anyway, thank you so very much for the generous compliments! I am glad you enjoy my work. ^_^ As far as deviantArt, other people have asked me that question before... I actually did have a dA page for the longest time, but had some issues with the site earlier this year and so decided to use my Blogger account for sharing work when I started making pony fanart. I originally intended to start putting it up on dA once I got everything sorted out but at this point, I've actually become rather comfortable here... and honestly, at the rate things are going now I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up with it if I received even more attention! Maybe I will still do so, though, once I get my life a bit more under control... I certainly haven't ruled it out.

Anyway thanks so much again for your interest... it really does mean a lot. ^_^


"Painterly warm fuzzies", d'awww~! <3 What an adorable conglomeration of words that is! =^.^=

And, I definitely hear you... believe me I shall try my best! I've never allowed myself to sell out yet in my artistic career, which is arguably why I'm still working my day job to support myself, but alas. I make fanart because it makes me happy, and if other people enjoy it as well, that is a wonderful thing as far as I'm concerned.

Thank you so much for the support... you all are fabulous. <3

MASA said... Reply to comment


Absolutely, we love your art style! Just keep on making such fantastic pieces! :D

Good luck with the move!

(Also, I really really really enjoyed your Head in the Clouds picture, and personally I think you should make some more Rainbow Dash art [but really, just do what you feel like!]).

DieHardjagged said... Reply to comment

Maybe you noticed it or not, but your Picture above was attached to Equestria Daily´s
Thursday Story Update (November 3rd) (Morning)
(Sadly no one will notice that you did it, since EQ never adds the Name of the Artist)

In case you dont know what i mean with that, check this Link.



WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Thank you very much! First I need to find a home... I'm starting to get a little bit nervous truth be told..!

And fear not, it's quite likely I will end up drawing more Rainbow eventually. As I have said (and if it even needs to be said; I would think it's perfectly obvious) Applejack and especially Rarity are my favorite ponies so most of my art has and will likely continue to focus on them, but I do draw the other ponies when struck by the inspiration. Sooner or later she's bound to come up again.

Thank you so much again! ^_^


Ah yes, so it was! Thank you for linking, that was kind of you. That drawing does seem oddly appropriate for a late-night update as well, for whatever reason...

And yes, I know Seth doesn't usually post source links for his header images, but that's quite alright. She was in last night's Drawfriend and I am most grateful for that. ^_^

Favo said... Reply to comment
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WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Ugh you poor thing, that sounds so terrible. And excruciating pain, eee! I don't want to know about it... my eldest sister is a nurse and she received all the guts in the family; I have none. I was having a difficult enough time last night when I broke a nail (and DON'T any of you even think of making fun of me for that; it can really hurt! Especially when it's below the nail bed... I'm just lucky it wasn't bleeding this time eeughh~). Not to mention, on an entirely superficial level my one terribly short nail is now sticking out like.... well, a sore thumb, as it were. Hardly cosmetically appealing, feh.

Anyway though, yes, once again you do have my sympathy. :(

BND said... Reply to comment

I've never broken a limb before, but I'm certain that I wouldn't want to be in your position, Favo. XP

Also, it seems as though your picture was used again, WD; for a story post this time:


Favo said... Reply to comment
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WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Ah yes thank you, my dear! I did see that, though I didn't yet have a chance to read the story as I would have liked. It did give me a little thrill because to my knowledge, authors choose the image for their fanfics when they submit them and I thought that was nice of them, unless of course Seth just randomly tacked it on there out of convenience (which is a very realistic possibility). Still though, it was a happy thought.


Ugh, no, it's quite alright dear, but needless to say yes, I am very squeamish and nail injuries seem to have a special knack for making me squirm! ><;;

Honestly that was my biggest issue with that movie Black Swan... I don't know if you saw that movie or not but I could hardly handle it... I had horribly uncomfortable flashbacks for a week following, ugh!

Quirko Germont said... Reply to comment

OK, I discover your blog some minutes ago. My last 2 wallpapers are works done by you, and some minutes ago i just discoverd you are the autors.

OMFG you trapped the essence of the character.
now, i dont know which of the two is my favorite, if pinkie pie or rarity.

Thank you for your work!

do you make paint or something like that? A nice grafiti of stressed Rarity would be osom.

Rarimi said... Reply to comment

Hey! I also found your blog because of Reddit and I must say, I'm truly amazed by your artwork. Some of them made me d'aawwww so much and others made me lose track of time just by admiring them. Particularly, I really loved the way you draw Rarity (who is my favorite as well!) and I would love to see more of it. Of course, I will like anything you draw but Rarity specifically would melt my heart in joy. So be sure you'll always have support and keep up the awesome work! I'll make sure to visit your blog regularly to catch new pictures as soon as possible!

Favo said... Reply to comment
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WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment

@Quirko Germont

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I do believe I am blushing. =^.^= I'm so happy to hear you enjoy my work... I do it because I love it, but to learn that it brings others so much enjoyment is just icing on the cake. Again, thank you for that. ^^

And do you mean paintings in traditional media? Because I have indeed done so before, though not strictly speaking pony-arts I'm afraid. Though I suppose I would be game to try sometime; it certainly is an interesting proposition!


Ah yes, I do believe I recognize you from that Reddit post now that you mention it, hello! And thank you so very much for the kind words! Of course it is always lovely to meet a fellow Rarity fan... ^_~ as I'm sure is obvious just by a quick glance at this blog she is indeed a favorite subject of mine, and thus I can assure you that there is plenty more fabulous fashion-maven where that came from, definitely!

If you are so inclined hopefully you can drop by again in the future as you say; especially now that Sisterhooves Social has been gifted to us by the fine folks behind FiM, I virtually guarantee more Rarity in the near future. ^.^ Thank you so much again for commenting, it means a lot!


I guess I've already answered that question in my replies above, but I did indeed see it and as I'm sure you can imagine, I absolutely loved it! <3 Rarity AND Applejack showcased in one episode again... I don't know if I could have asked for anything more fabulous (except, perhaps, for an Austin Scarlett pony like I mentioned on EqD's latest leaked episode speculation thread, but I digress). And as I said, I believe there shall be plenty of episode-inspired fanart to come as soon as I get some more free time, meehee~!