Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Belated Effort, but Still~

Good evening, dearest readers. How I wish I had more artwork to be able to share with you all now! But alas, I've gone and caught a bad cold, it seems... too much work and stress with not enough sleep makes for a sickly Diamonds, I guess. But at least (thank Goddess for small blessings) I had a day off today; that was most welcome.

I know it's not much, and honestly I thought about saving this for my next Doodle-Roundup, but I have been promising some Sisterhooves-inspired art for a few days now, and I wanted to get at least one personal fanart done since I haven't had any time to work on those at all recently. Plus at this point I have no idea when I'll be able to finish the other picture ideas I have started. So in the meantime I hope this will hold you all over until whenever I am able to get more art done... I hope I'm not alone in thinking this picture was just screaming to be done, bwahaha..

Until the next update then, whenever that may be. Do stay fabulous dears~



WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Actually, either one of those adjectives would probably work quite well.

And heh, I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway... I know it was a silly idea but I just couldn't get it out of my head after watching that episode. ^^

And too bad about us... I was SO incredibly glad to be able to stay home today though; it's been incredibly frustrating going off to work the past couple of days only to come home to the sight of my cat snuggled in front of the space heater, no worries whatsoever. -_-; But oh well.

Thank you so much again dear. I hope you feel better soon too!

jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

Cats are very good at that. ;)

A charming drawing, as always; you've captured the family dynamic perfectly. And yes, DJB123, either of those adjectives describes Rarity's expression very well.

I hope you both recover from your illnesses soon; rest up and take care, and enjoy the new episode this weekend!

TomTheRock said... Reply to comment

looks great! sorry to hear you're sick, hope you get better soon!

sellyme said... Reply to comment

Oh man I love Rarity's parents. They need to get more screentime in the future, they have the most hilarious accents I've ever heard.

(I'm trying to avoid thinking about how good the drawing is because it depresses me)

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Considering that's pretty much all she does, I would hope she would be good at it by now. Silly feline... oh well, she is quite adorable. <3

And thank you! I am glad you like it... I know it was a bit of a rush-job on my part but again, I really just wanted to get it done. And I almost forgot that we have another new episode coming already, until you said that; imagine that!


Thank you so much! And hopefully I will... I feel a little bit better today already.

I'm glad you like the picture! ^.^


Oh it's not that good, honestly... it probably could have been much better if I was feeling well and had put more time into it. But, I don't mean to sound ungrateful; I do appreciate the sentiments, and I'm glad you like it. Thank you!

And yes, I know some people have been saying they called it ages ago, but I can freely admit I never saw Rarity's parents coming. However, I agree with you that seeing them again in future episodes would be most welcome; they are just SO delightfully 'un-Raritylike', meheh~ ^.^

Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

'But you like having your picture taken, pudge pot!'

'Well, yes that's true, but not under-'

'Why aren't you standing up straight, Rarity? If you crouch down like that, no one can see the herring print fetlock warmers I knitted for you!'

'Which would be a CRIME, certainly, but-'

'Now, daddy's little pudge pot had better leave those on, it's mighty cold out there and a long walk to your little apartment!'


'Smile pretty! We'll be meeting SO many eligible young stallions at the training camp next week, and your father and I will be showing ALL of them your photo!'

'Oh please, Celestia, no.'


TGGeko said... Reply to comment

WAIT! their dad is an earth pony!

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


..Oh, mercy, you have no idea... you have NO idea. I am laughing so hard right now... I scared my cat... my brother (who just took me out to dinner, bless him) is now looking at me like I have three heads or something... it was worth it. Good Goddess that was hilarious...

That seriously made my week, thank you darling. I needed that~ ^.^


I was waiting for somebody to bring that up eventually... well perhaps, but I think that (given the charming tourist-garb he was wearing at the time) it's pretty much impossible to say for certain either way.

jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

Brilliant, and very true to their characters; bravo!

BND said... Reply to comment

@Frankensteinbeck Pure victory. *applause*

Also, I just love Rarity's expression here. :P

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


I know, poor girl... she's totally got the 'what am I doing here?' face on, hah. I'm glad you like it in any case. ^.^

And see, if I had even a portion of my creative aptitude in writing as Frankensteinbeck does, this absolutely would have been a comic instead of a single-panel, moment-in-time still image. But alas, I have to let my artwork speak for me... c'est la vie, I suppose!

Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

My favorite artists are pure artists, because they inspire me. I love looking at a picture and finding the story the artist hid there. Especially when the artist didn't know they were doing it. You can always tell the art I love most, because it gives ME ideas!, you know, you keep doin' your thing, I'll keep doin' mine, baby it's all good.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment




Fabulous, dear~

carfaxreport said... Reply to comment

Belated? I'd prefer "Fashionably Late," it's only fitting. I adore the contrast among the characters here, and Rarity's reaction is simply priceless.

Although, I can't help but be perplexed at the Mother's facial expression. She seems nervous or anxious. Still, it adds to the contrast and the overall piece is wonderful!

Favo said... Reply to comment
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WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


I know what you mean, but she kept making the same face throughout her scene in the episode too (rather like Mrs. Cake, who obviously has a similar/identical character design sans the hair and unicorn horn), so I just went with it. Here's one reference shot of what I'm referring to, and not to mention one of my favorite FiM screencaps ever I think, haha... ^.^

And you're right; "fashionably late" does have a far nicer ring to it, though "fashionable" is the last word I felt would have described me recently, I'm sad to say. ;_; It's so hard to feel glamorous in any way when one is sick, bleh. I am very glad you like the picture though, thank you so much for taking the time to comment!


My dear, I want you to know that it is frequently difficult for me to keep from smiling when I read your comments, and today was certainly one such time. And once you said that, I did inadvertently read much of your post in Pinkie's voice. XD

Anyhow though, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback as usual! I'm so happy you like it, and that you are having such a lovely day! I hope you enjoy your weekend and the new episode, and thank you for the well-wishes. ^.^

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Great use of depth cues; the show's aesthetics tend to look a little flat, but you've managed to build upon with depth through seemingly insignificant details, like the father's almost out-of-view eyebrow. Add that to the traditional artistic technique of overlapping subjects in the foreground, and you've got a pretty well-layered picture.

Hope you get over your cold soon. If it's any consolation, your writing still has Rarity's voice, even with a stuffy nose.

Favo said... Reply to comment
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WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh well thank you; that is indeed a lovely bit of feedback, in regards to the issue of depth! It's funny you should say that also because I don't ever think about such things as I'm working on a picture (or at least not consciously). I do, however, know when they don't feel 'right', in which case I'll make changes until it gives me a more natural impression. Anyhow though, thank you much!

And my writing has "Rarity's voice"? Now that's an interesting thing; no one has ever said that to me before! Perhaps just because I speak in more proper English than one generally encounters on the internet (I write exactly as I speak, as my teachers throughout my school career have endlessly pointed out to me. Not always in a complimentary fashion..). My texting is the same way, as well... my friends all make fun of me for that. ;(

Anyway I'll take that as a compliment, ha... thank you. Even though now all I want is to hear Rarity speaking with a stuffy nose...


And see there you are again; that's actually rather hilarious to me. But ah, thank you dearest... ^.^ that is vastly preferable to having someone correct my grammar or something, most definitely.

And they certainly do, thank you again. ^.^ And Pogosama... you're right I haven't seen him around in a while. I know he recently started a new job so I've just assumed he's been busy with work, much like myself. He did kindly offer to treat me to the local Italian deli sometime though (as apparently, we are near-neighbors)... I might just have to take him up on it at some point in the future!

Rarimi said... Reply to comment


"my friends all make fun of me for that. ;("

Now why would they do that! If your talking is the same as your writing, having a conversation with you must be a delightful experience!

And I certainly loved this drawing as well, I make sure to see it once everyday to bright my day a little!

(and don't forget to check your e-mail)

Favo said... Reply to comment
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WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Well they all tease me about being "stuffy" at times, I guess, as well as far too... verbose. Even though I don't let that get to me; I fail to see how being the only person in our little group who knows what the words "tannic" or "magnanimous" mean is a detriment to me, I have to say.

And I never forget, my dear, though I am a busy person and can not always get to things as often as I would like. You'll have to forgive my delays on that account. And thank you for your comments; I'm glad you enjoyed the picture!


Thank you dear. ^_^

Favo said... Reply to comment
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WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Yes, exactly... in actuality it's not a bad thing in the slightest, though I suppose it does make me "different" from the norm. Though in this particular case, at least, I think I'm happy about that.

And oh, well if you ever did decide you might want something, feel free to email me please! I'd love to be able to do something for you. ^.^ And I suppose I didn't realize you were so young, heehee... that's not a bad thing at all though, far from it. ^_~

BossCrab said... Reply to comment


I hope this doesn't come off as weird, but I found your blog a while ago and enjoyed your art so much that I felt like I had to comment on it! I'm a huge fan of Rarity and it's great to see an artist give her some serious love. That and, well, I really like Rarijack a lot and your art helps fuel that enjoyment for me quite a bit! If you're open for commissions I would probably take you up on something along those lines.

As for this picture in particular, I think it's adorable! I absolutely loved Rarity's parents and how charismatic and fun they seemed to be. I think your picture conveys their family dynamic well; loving and close, with a little embarrassment some Rarity about her parents and sister (don't we all feel that way sometimes?).

You have a great style and I really enjoy your work. I'm a big fan! I hope you get well soon, I love seeing your art.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Good evening! Don't worry; I certainly don't think your post comes off as "weird" in the slightest, and in fact I am always happily surprised when people take the time out of their lives to comment on my work! So thank you for that, I'm happy to hear you enjoy it. ^.^ Rarity is indeed my favorite pony and thus I admit I tend to devote most of my fanart energies to her, but I don't apologize... I still think she needs more love anyway. Glad to hear you approve at least... it's always nice to meet a fellow fan.

And Rarijack, yes... I will admit I do have a soft spot for that pairing (I just find it immensely cute, and I think I'm getting worse as time goes on honestly). If you ever did think you might like to commission me for an artwork on the subject, or most anything else for that matter please feel free to email me (you can find me at and we can discuss it there.

In any case thank you so much again for stopping by and for the inquiry; I appreciate your interest and support!