Friday, November 18, 2011

Have Some Sketches Dears, and Other News

So, after some recent inquiries by some of you to see my pony sketches, and despite my concerns about the horrible quality of some of them I thought I'd go ahead and put up some of my aimless rough doodles for those who might enjoy them (I'm using a page break for the first time for these, as there are quite a few of them and most really are quite messy. Those who are interested can kindly click the "Read More" button). They are exclusive of my notebook sketches as my flat-bed scanner is currently packed, but I'm still surprised there aren't more of them to show and especially of the digital sketches... apparently many of them have been lost/accidentally deleted. I do apologize for that anyway.

In other news, there's something else that I've been meaning to address/have been thinking about adding to my posts for quite some time now, in the way of labeling them so that content will be more easily accessible if people are looking for certain things. Doodle-Roundups, possible future sketchdumps, pony-specific artworks, etc. I'm not sure if my going back and editing posts makes them reappear in everyone's updates listings but if so, I apologize; this is the reason for that.

Anyhow, that's all of consequence for now, I believe... hopefully those of you who requested the sketches will enjoy them despite the awful quality. Cheers, friends~!

So, first off and once again I really must apologize for the awful quality of the pencil drawings... this multipurpose printer/copier/scanner of my brother's is a beast, to put it mildly. Hopefully once I am fully moved and settled and get my own scanner hooked up again I can get something of more decent quality up, but until then these will have to do, alas~

At least this one scanned somewhat decently... somewhat. Believe it or not, I actually had the idea for and doodled this picture before Luna Eclipsed aired, featuring Pinkie in fabulous wizard garb (and referencing both Trixie and Harry Potter's Dumbledore, yes!)! That episode did sort of kill my desire to finish it though, or at least at the time being, since it was so similar to Twilight's Nightmare Night costume... maybe someday I'll still do something with it anyway.

Applejack and Rarity, what else is new. Like my blog posts they tend to dominate my sketchbooks too... I guess that's probably no surprise.

Some more Applejack, and a picture which I considered trying to finish before. Maybe still will~

Applejacket, bwahaha. Don't ask me what I was thinking when I did this one because I really don't know... the bipedal stance is unusual for me but I just went with it.

Dear Goddess these scans are like the worst thing I've ever seen... arrhgkj. And you'll all have to excuse the weird printing visible on most of them; I did them on the backside of some old paperwork you see. Recycle/save the planet and all that...

Some Twilight and Rainbow Dash randomly wearing a hoodie... yessss.

... Can you all guess what this one might be a reference to? ^.^ I mean it's not exactly subtle, but still, heheh... I still might end up doing more with this idea someday; it just tickled me far too much~

Here we have Applejack being her painfully honest self about something, much to Rarity's distress/annoyance.

Look what I found: the incredibly speedy, original doodle that led to my Discorded Fluttershy picture... so much was lost in the translation if you ask me (I think it's the eyes, mostly). Oh well though.

Oh and speaking of original inspiration doodles, this was the shiptastic quickie that ended up sparking this picture later on... I'm not really sure why I changed it. Ah well again!

And finally (thank Goddess!) have some clarity with a compilation of totally random digital sketches! I might still end up doing more with some of these at some point in the future, we shall have to see!

Okay, I really must apologize for this one, as well as give my disclaimer that I do not condone excessive drunkenness in most if not all circumstances. I don't know what I was thinking honestly, it just sort of... came out! I would also be lying if I said I had not been a bit tempted to maybe polish this idea up a bit more and make a comic out of it, as I find cute inebriated ponies to be terribly entertaining for whatever reason (*shameful blush*), but... I'm thinking that would just be wrong haha. Unless of course other people disagree..! ^^;

But anyway, long blog post is horribly long. Hopefully you all got at least some entertainment out of my silliness at least (I feel as though I have bared a bit of my soul here now, for whatever reason), and with any luck I shall be back with some more, proper finished artworks soon enough. Until then, dears~!



Forderz said... Reply to comment

<3 Thanks for overcoming your misgivings about posting these rough pieces!

Fluttershy is so badass with that sword.

Forderz said... Reply to comment

The expression Rarity has on the first digital sketch in the top right is amazing.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Yes of course you're right in that, and of course it's not like I don't indulge in the occasional alcoholic beverage myself (hey I'm 30, I think that qualifies me as legal in every country on the planet). It is a bit unlike me though, and I know that... but still, like I said it just sort of came out! =^.^;=

Oh and that last bit with Applejack and Rarity, yes... I suppose you would have enjoyed that. "Gimme the bottle" was a total afterthought on my part but I'm so happy I added it... it really makes that bit if you ask me... =^.^=

Glad you enjoyed them all dearie, most definitely!


Oh not at all; I've been told I need to loosen up a bit and in regards to my work especially (and really, in that regard I have made remarkable progress as time has gone on... there was a time when most if not all of the pieces I've posted thus far ever would have made it online, as I would probably still be messing with them!). I am glad you enjoyed them, horribly rough as they are.

And oh yes, that Rarity picture... her expression can be described as nothing short of smoldering I guess. Perhaps I ought to do something with that one at some point in the future.

BND said... Reply to comment

I actually quite like sketchdumps, if only for the ideas they convey instead of the artistic quality that they show. ^_^

And yes, you really should continue with that last one. ;P

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I'm happy for any insight into your creative process.'Sides, I have a soft spot for unrefined sketches; they've got those gestural, emotional lines that more controlled works fail to capture.

I definitely see that you make good use of forms within simple circular shapes. You place the eyes and other defining features according to the three-dimensionality of the head, and doing so adds the psychological punch viewers receive when interpreting the subject's emotional state. Your first sketch, for instance, would lose its effectiveness if Rarity's facial features weren't oriented in an upwards position, which exploits the mental associations between size differences and dominance.

I'm definitely over-analyzing this whole thing, but I'm honestly excited to discover how the simplest things can make or break an art piece. Also, y'know, ponies and whatnot; serious business.

voodooblue said... Reply to comment

Don't be so hard on yourself, these are wonderful! Your sketches are so full of life and I adore your expressions. Lots of fun stuff here and I really love the Kill Bill spoof. Thank you for sharing these with us! :)

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Yes, you present a valid point, I will admit. It's true that most of the sketch-doodles that I do are just meant for myself (probably why I feel as though I'm somehow sharing more than usual by putting them up here now), and as a result are often totally random and/or silly pointless things. But sometimes they're all the better for that.

And which one did you mean by that, exactly? The beer pong one (mercy that sounds so wrong), or the smoldering Rarity? ^.^;


I... wow this was a really great piece of commentary; thank you so much for that! I don't think I've ever consciously thought about it so much as you so conveniently break it down here, but yes I imagine you're right in just about every regard.

And yes, I definitely try to stick with simple rounded forms when it comes to ponies... it does the job really and keeps them cute and cartoony. Trying to put too much into their anatomy or break them down too much tends to overcomplicate things and ruin what makes them so visually appealing in my opinion, and to extent I had to learn this through trial-and-error as I came from drawing some far more technical forms. Like people and draping fabric and that sort of thing, but yes.

In any case I am so very glad that something so simple as my aimless sketches apparently bring you so much enjoyment; thank you so much again for your reply! ^.^

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Eep another Comment Ninja, whoops! Sorry about that. XD And yes you got my reference, ahahaha~ *joy*

As far as being hard on myself well... I am just a perfectionist by nature you know, and sharing the messy creative process with those who have thus far seen only a finished product (sometimes in only the loosest sense of the word, but again those are my high standards talking), always fills me with a certain amount of anxiety. I always like everything to be clean and polished, haha...

In any case though you are most welcome, and thank you for giving your feedback in turn; I'm glad you enjoyed them all! ^.^

TomTheRock said... Reply to comment

I love them all! I wish they could all be finished but I know it can't be done, the comic is awesome though, drunk rarity is so awesomely cute, also I like the pinkie in costume and applejack in a jacket, thanks for doing this by the way, I don't mind the scan quality at all, it's not that bad. I can't wait for the next post!

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh well thank you so much for that! I am glad that people aren't too put off by the scan quality, as that was certainly a concern of mine (well obviously; I probably mentioned it enough times).

And I am so glad that you liked them as well, I might really need to make an effort to at least hastily color some of them if I get the opportunity. And that would-be comic! I can hardly believe it, but apparently people actually like that... wow maybe I really should try and do something more with it..! ^.^; (I don't believe myself sometimes)

Thank you dear!

Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

Too tired to do the whole list. Too tired to even look at them properly. Yes, the scan quality is terrible. As you can see, everybody is still way happier to see your art than bothered by it. It's very much a net good.

And I HAVE to do the first one.

'No, I CAN'T make it out of spandex.'

ronrab said... Reply to comment

Applejacket is wonderfully adorable.

As a Pinkie Activist my joy at Dumblepie (Dumplepie?) goes without saying!

I love streaking Pinkie. Is Twilight disgusted that Pinkie wants to do it, or bemused that Pinkie thinks being naked is unusual? ;)

Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

Rarijack #1:
5 seconds after 'Ah love clothes! I got fifty pair'a jeans back at the farm!'

Rarijack #2:
'I believe SOMEONE smells like vanilla instead of apples! I wonder who she could be wearing perfume to please?'

Addendum to drunkenness:
'Did I ever tellsh you, in th' light you looksh like'a glittering topaz?'

jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

Why am I not surprised that some of your rough sketches look more finished than some artists' completed drawings? ;)

The costumed Pinkie Pie is cute, though really I see her more as Luna Lovegood. Although the contrast between her and Dumbledore is good for a chuckle...

Was the Fluttershy/The Bride drawing done after her massage scene in "Lesson Zero"? That could certainly make for an amusing image, especially with those other characters in the background behind/above her.

I can see what you mean about losing something in Fluttershy's eyes going from the sketch to the finished drawing of her in her Discorded state; on the other hand, the color added quite a bit to that drawing too. I imagine there's usually similar trade-offs to be made when finishing a sketched drawing; that's one reason I find it interesting to look at rough sketches.

On that first page of digital sketches, I especially love the frazzled-but-too-happy Twilight, the pensive Pinkie, and the determined Applejack, and of course the Rarity in the top right's already been mentioned. The second page is cute and silly; Pinkie is the highlight of this scene, but I also love Fluttershy's expression near the top of the page.

Thanks for sharing these sketches; they were all interesting and fun to look at! Even in these roughs, it's obvious how you put acting first and foremost. I do find it interesting how almost none of these seem to have had changes made in mid-stream; I assume if you're not happy with how a sketch is turning out, you tend to abandon it and try again fresh rather than trying to correct the already-started sketch?

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Heehee, Applejacket... ahh I make myself laugh. XD And so happy you like the Pinkie-doodles as well; that crazy pony's antics do make her a delight to draw, I will say! In response to your question about the last piece, I imagine Twilight is more exasperated/bemused/tripping out on just Pinkie being Pinkie, as obviously they are all naked pretty much all the time. And not to mention the fact that she seemingly pulled a censor bar out of nowhere to better drive her point home to "the readers"... silly pony.

But yes. So happy you got some entertainment out of those, thank you for commenting! ^.^


*bounces around* Aaaaaaghhh WHY do you make it a point to tease me so, with your fabulously witty and endearing lines and despite the fact you do not write fanfictions?! You really must stop that, you must!! @_@

And I don't know if you're aware of it, but Spandex is a notoriously difficult fabric to work with... same with lycra. Not that Rarity would feel daunted as I have; doubtless she is a far more confident seamstress. I'm sure it's just her fine aesthetic sense speaking, and rightly so.


*blush* Oh, you don't really mean that do you? Now that is exceedingly generous of you to say... =^.^=

I agree that Pinkie is definitely more of a Luna-type of girl if we're speaking established Harry Potter characters (even though I can imagine her saying "Alas, earwax!" far too easily), but that picture wasn't really intended as a crossover image... it's another one of those things that just sort of came out as I was holding a pencil/stylus with a blank canvas in front of me. Same with the Kill Bill spoof, and yes it was definitely done before Lesson Zero aired... it was quite a while ago I think. I'm still considering trying to do more with that idea but who knows if I'll ever get around to it... as it was I wasn't even sure which pony was better off as Vernita Green and which as O-Ren (though if it's hard to tell by the sketch, I had them there with Rarity as the former and Twilight as the latter, respectively). Ah well who knows.

And yes, sometimes there is a trade-off in the magic of an idea versus the finished product, but such a thing has plagued artists for millenia I'm sure (I know I have observed it to a degree even when looking at rough layouts for paintings done by the masters themselves). That's one of the good things about my digital doodles... they start off as these random sketches as you see above, and then if I decide to finish them I color right underneath on a separate layer and just clean up the sketch, usually, thus preserving most if not all of the original image quality. With pencil sketches it's harder because I have to scan them in and work on top of them (or in the case of Discorded Fluttershy, just redraw the image completely), which nearly always results in some differences, for better or for worse. Oh and yes to answer your question, I often do try to correct/rework them if I'm not happy with them, sometimes several times, but usually at that point I don't end up liking whatever I come up with and so I just start all over again anyway. ^_^;

But anyhow, I've rambled enough already I suppose. I am certainly glad you enjoyed them all so much, and thank you for such wonderfully insightful feedback as always; you are lovely! ^.^

BND said... Reply to comment


The beer pong one. :P

Although, I wouldn't be complaining if you decided to finish both of them. ^^;

Favo said... Reply to comment
This comment has been removed by the author.
sellyme said... Reply to comment

I love the Applejacket picture so much. You have a real talent for getting the body shapes and poses right, I really hope that you do a few more full-blown pieces like Octavia's Etude, you could easily end up dominating EqD's Drawfriend posts.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Ah, yes... I figured but I wasn't quite sure. ^^; And I'll have to see what I can do... truly I never expected that people would actually like that silly bit of nonsense that is that beer pong thing. I really don't know what I was thinking..!


Oh, yay, I am so happy you like them darling! Your posts always so make me smile, as I have said before. ^.^

And yes I guess I can be... quite silly sometimes. There are not a whole lot of people who seem to get my sense of humor and so I'm often making things just for my own amusement I guess. It's nice to know that's not something that's held against me. ^^;

Anyway I'm glad to hear you are/were having a good day, and if my silly little doodles added to that then I'm happy (Chinese food is nothing to sniff at either. Mmm, wontons~). Thank you so much for your enthusiastic reply! ^_~


Thank you so very much! I'm so glad you like them all, and the 'Applejacket' in particular... I never imagined that one would be so popular since it's such a silly little thing! I guess I'll have to try and make an effort to color her someday, when I'm able~

And yes, I only wish I had more free time to devote to my fanart endeavors! It would be nice to be able to do more finished pieces. Thus far, with the only exception of my artwork of Rarity wearing Applejack's hat I don't think I've done any "polished" pictures that weren't commissions... maybe someday soon that will be able to change.

In any case thank you very much for all the support and encouragement; I truly do appreciate it!

BossCrab said... Reply to comment

ooh, really cool that you posted some sketchbook art, always neat to see the kinds of stuff artists doodle and draw up. These are all pretty rad, I like seeing the sketches that led to Discorded Fluttershy and that Rarijack drawing, and I really love that final sketch with the ponies. Sweetie Belle is adorable, and that Rarity and Applejack scene with the bottle is too cute for words. I would love to see you finish up that one (or most of these for that matter!).

It's cool to get silly and have fun sometimes, and a really nice thing to see it come out in your art! I thought the "sillier" drawings were wonderful.

Don't beat yourself up about the scan quality either, it definitely doesn't take away from the sketches! There's a certain loose charm in sketches that sometimes gets lost in translation to a finished product, and regardless of scan quality I think these all ended up being really neat to see and captured that rough charm very well.

Thanks again for putting these up here!

Rarimi said... Reply to comment

Wow, I miss 3 days of internet and you deliver all of this! Remind me to not ever do it again!

All I can think of saying is that I really wish these sketches were finished some day, the discorded Fluttershy, her with a sword, so much Rarity and Applejack!

Thanks for sharing this, it sure made my day seeing all of these!

Favo said... Reply to comment
This comment has been removed by the author.
WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed all of my various pony-sketches and with my silliness and random sense of humor included. And yes, to my immense surprise (but happily, I will admit) popular demand seems to be dictating that I really do go ahead and finish that ridiculous comic someday... I honestly had that idea ages ago but just never imagined it would be anything most people would go for. Truly a surprise! When I do eventually get around to finishing it it probably won't be much more in the way of dialogue or anything, other than maybe setting it up more in the beginning, but it will be nice to see a more cleaned-up and colored version I guess. Craziness but I'm just grateful people didn't judge me for the bizarre idea, haha.. ^.^;

Anyway thank you so much again; the feedback is always immensely appreciated!


Thank you so much, my dear, I'm glad you liked them all! And yes it does look like I'm going to have to try and finish at least a few of them someday... I never imagined that some of the sillier ones would be so well-received.

In regards to the Discorded Fluttershy though, I actually have done a complete colored version of that one... did you not catch the link below the sketch above? That was one of the very first fanarts I ever posted on my blog, actually!


Hahaha... I remember at one point when I moved several years ago, for one reason or another (it was a long and complicated story) I ended up not getting my internet hooked up for an entire year, I believe. Most people I knew couldn't understand how or why I was able to live without it for so long, but it really didn't bother me all that much.

Of course, I never even had a computer in the house until I bought myself one at 18 when I started college, so there you are I suppose.

Tokenekie said... Reply to comment

It makes me really happy to see all these lovely doodles of AJ. She really is my favorite out of the mane six because of how she reminds me of country life and all the beauty that's associated with it. Plus I absolutely love her honesty. It's something I feel we all need a little more of especially in times like these. I'm quite interested in the story behind applejackishonest.png; It feels like AJ and Rarity's expressions are particularly open-ended.

Twilight goes really well with the O'Ren look in my opinion. I wonder what she'd look like in a fight 8D.

Aaah, its the Dale Carnegie book. I had to read that when I took the Dale Carnegie leadership class when I was young. I hated it when I was reading it...probably because I was still trying to be a rebellious teenager. In retrospect though, it probably did me tons of good :P

Also, I can't get enough of your smoldering/sultry stares! Rarity's eyes are just so sexy! I'm sure you have a blast drawing them all the time, haha. Speaking of which, I'm jealous of the fun you probably have doing all these doodles! Putting pencil and paper together to make art sounds like such a simple task, but I just can't ever draw anything well enough for me to enjoy it. No big deal though, I have just as much fun from playing music and from my job :D

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Ahh another Comment-Ninja... how do you all seem to manage that so often!? Perhaps it's actually my timing that is uncanny, hah... I am beginning to wonder. ^_~

Anyway though, thank you for such a delightfully long and comprehensive comment, I always do enjoy those so much! It's always lovely to meet a fellow Applejack fan, as obviously I adore her as well (she is definitely right up there after Rarity in my book, though for entirely different reasons... it's kind of funny really). I completely agree with your reasons for loving her character, as I feel the same... I also think her open and honest nature gives her a certain sort of not quite naive, but perhaps vulnerable quality that I find tremendously endearing. I definitely think it's a shame that more people don't see that about her and instead find her boring, apparently, as I think it has the potential to be built on more in fanworks and beyond.

It's funny that you mention that particular sketch, because really when I'm telling the truth I guess I did have some idea of what might be going on. I think I doodled that after reading a snippet of some epic-type adventure fanfic or something (it was probably Growing Pains now that I think about it; it's not like I've really read a whole lot of other adventure fics besides that one, other than bits and pieces). It wasn't in response to any actual scene or piece of dialogue but I was just thinking of a scenario where all the ponies were faced with something rather foreboding and were all worrying about what to do, when Applejack decided to be her typical honest self and in doing so distressed Rarity even more than she was already. Or something like that... it's kind of hard for me to say as I didn't actually have any dialogue in mind when I sketched it.

And the Kill Bill spoof, yes... like I said I had a bit of trouble trying to 'cast' the ponies but I suppose the way I did it there would be how I'd stick with them. I really do love those movies for whatever reason, and despite the fact that I have absolutely no stomach for violence as I've said before (at least with the sword-fighting scenes in Japan it's easy for me to justify it as all the slicing and blood are done in an almost cartoonish fashion, but as for the rest of it, I really can't say how or why I enjoy it as much as I do). But yes, I'd love to go back to the idea and do more with it someday.

And haha yes, that book... I just wanted to draw some sort of Twilight/Fluttershy interaction and that was the result... I imagined Fluttershy came to Twilight to check out the book from the library because she wanted to work on getting over her shyness more I guess, or something. I don't know... I don't even understand my own thoughts sometimes. I'm glad you enjoyed that Rarity picture as well; it looks like that's another one that must eventually be finished, in response to popular demand... who would have guessed. ^_~

But anyhow! Thank you so much again for all the great feedback... it's really always a pleasure for me to read people weighing in with their thoughts. I'm so happy you enjoyed them all!

Favo said... Reply to comment
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rarimi said... Reply to comment

Oops! Terribly sorry, I was so amazed at them all that I completely forgot if I had already seem them. They all have a special place saved in my computer and no way something amazing like that would be missing!

You know, I don't think I ever saw you mentioning or drawing Celestia or Luna, have you ever thought about giving them a try? Personally I think they would look even more gorgeous in your drawing style, certainly would be fabulous drawings! Just a suggestion though, as long as you keep drawing, I'll be happy!

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh Sega Genesis... I remember those things. That's pretty old-school, though not quite as old-school as the original NES that I used to have as a child, back when I still played video games (which is funny for me to imagine now). Honestly though if I'm really going to date myself my first gaming experiences were on my brother's Atari... Pac-Man is still amazing to this day.

And as far as being robbed, I can only imagine how terrifying that must have been! You poor thing you. =(


Oh it's nothing to apologize for dearest no worries! ^.^ Goodness knows I say and do things like that all the time, as I'm always running around trying to do so many things at once. That is pretty much my standard M.O., really...

And as far as Celestia and Luna... if I'm being honest I haven't really given much thought to drawing either of them thus far, no. I suppose eventually I might but I don't personally find them as compelling as most of the other ponies so... yes. I feel a bit bad saying it like that but I'm not going to lie. ^.^; Someday though, perhaps!

Thanks again for the support, as always~!

Joon Ryul Lee said... Reply to comment

I love your work and I was wondering if you would possibly be interested in a feature length interview for a monthly MLP Magazine I'm working on? I want to include some of your work (fully credited of course) but it would also be really great if I could include an interview as well. I understand if you are too busy though. Thanks for all the awesome artwork and cheers!

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment

@Joon Ryul Lee

Oh my, I can't say I ever saw this one coming! You're right; I do tend to stay quite busy, but I can't imagine it would be too difficult to squeeze something like this in and honestly, I'm immensely flattered you'd even be interested. If I'm not squeeing and dropping smilie-bombs all over the place as I usually do when excited it's only because I just got home from work and am very tired, but yes I'd love to, thank you...

I'm not sure exactly what you had in mind or how we'd go about doing this but you can of course message me back or else email me if you prefer... you can reach me at Thank you so much for your interest~!

Favo said... Reply to comment
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Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

White Diamonds, darling, I might have a present for you as a thank you for the wonderful and inspiring art. But, uh... I have no idea how to give it! Is there some way to get your email?

Favo said... Reply to comment
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

Ah, she already gave it to someone else. I gots lucky!

Joon Ryul Lee said... Reply to comment

I'll contact you right now through email. And thank YOU for all the amazing art work :)
I'll definitely be sure to do so . Thanks for the interest :)

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


..Ohohoho MY..!! Oh, dearest whatever it is you didn't have to, but as it seems you already did I am so incredibly excited right now I can hardly stand it, mweeee~!! **uncontrollable squirming** Eep~


Ah yes thank you for that dear, much appreciated! ^,^

@Joon Ryul Lee

The pleasure is all mine, truly! And I shall check it immediately I assure you, thank you so much again!

Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

Already did as in 'it's supposed to be in your email as of last night'.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh yes, it was. And if I had known I would have somehow forced myself to stay awake last night so that I could have pounced on it the very moment it hit my inbox... alas and of course with my luck, last night was probably the first and only time in recent history I have actually gone to bed at a decent hour because I was completely exhausted yesterday. It figures.

But anyhow, as I have already gushed at you plenty via email, I do believe, I shall simply say "thank you" here once again. I probably should be getting ready for work as I type... as it is I don't think I'll have time to style my hair properly today but just know I loved your gift enough that it was worth it!! And that is saying quite a lot, you know!

Forderz said... Reply to comment

I am incredible curious as to just what that gift was...

what can you get in a email that requires you to style your hair?


WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh no dear I'm sorry... I'm afraid you must have misunderstood me. I generally style my hair every day, you see, but because I was so incredibly excited to see what Frankensteinbeck sent me, and moreover because I spent so much time gushing over said gift following receiving it I was running behind today. I don't usually like to leave the house until I feel fully satisfied with my appearance, but it was really that good that I made an exception today.

Kateasaurus said... Reply to comment

The oddest thing: My blog won't even let ME comment on my posts. Oh well! I get to come here and see your cute sketches. :)

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope you have a lovely day.

Forderz said... Reply to comment

I have a very special thank you lined up once that commission is hung and framed on my wall, WD. I just hope I can find that instrumental...

jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

I still have my grandfather's Bally Astrocade, which wasn't the first videogame console I played on but the first one that made an impression, and I suspect it's older than almost everyone else commenting here. *^^*

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Really! Now that is a new one by me... silly Blogger! Well, thank you so much for stopping by to share holiday wishes, my dear (and I trust this means you got my message as well)... I really hope you had a lovely day yesterday. I did have a good day as well, so thank you very much for the well-wishes.

Oh and yes, my silly sketches. Well hopefully some of them gave you a little bit of a smile anyway... apparently my randomness has been doing that for several people. ^.^; Thank you so much again for stopping by!


Oh, dear, I don't know whatever it may be that you have in mind but you certainly don't need to trouble yourself with doing anything like that for me! After all, all of your kind support, and in this instance also generous patronage is more than enough of a thank you, definitely. =^_^=


Haha well, I will admit I have never even heard of one of those, but as always it's nice to know that you and I frequently have each others' backs in so many regards. ^.^ Now I suppose I'm going to have to Google that Bally Astrocade, just to see what I have missed out on this time...