Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yet More Artwork, Joy~!

Yes me again... this is what happens when I'm left without my sewing machine I suppose; I make more fanart and put more time into it to boot!

I'm sure most people have deduced by now that Applejack and especially Rarity are my two favorite ponies and so I guess it's only natural I tend to devote most of my fanart energies to them (for which I make no apologies by the way, they both need more love anyway!). This picture was somewhat inspired by a cute little exchange in chapter 17 of Growing Pains, one of the few pony fanfics I've read and one of an even smaller number among those I follow when I have the time. But yes.

 Not only did I put a little more time into this picture than usual, I made it on a much larger scale as well (in response to popular demand). I might continue to do the latter with my future projects if people prefer it... do let me know you all, won't you?

Until next time then, cheers all~! ^.^



Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Another charming drawing; it's nice to see a playful side to Rarity, and Applejack's exasperation is very funny.

As to scale, I'd say just do whatever feels right for the drawing you're working on; for some doodles, a smaller size might help emphasize the overall feeling of the drawing.

And what am I doing up at this hour anyway? Need to try to get a few more hours of sleep...

L4m3ness said... Reply to comment

Hmm, Rarity and AJ? *thinks and starts googling* Yeah, that's pretty rare :D ( ). A friend of mine loves Rarity - her good style, her being a successful, strong businesswoman - well, guess their personalities are kinda similar :D

Pogosama said... Reply to comment

Oh wow, way to keep the good quality at such a large size. Looks great! Love the expressions. You always put so much personality into the characters, it really shows on the finished product.

Nothing wrong with Rarity and AJ too. We're just a Twilight Sparkle away from having the same favorites, so I dig all the new art you pump out for the pair. You should do a sleepover piece if the mood strikes you, I bet you could have some fun with that. :P

Great work yet again WD. Can't wait for the next one!

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Indeed, I was up quite late myself last night (started watching my weekly recorded Y&R marathon a little later than usual, you see). But alas, priorities!

And thank you so much for the valuable feedback my friend; you seem to have a knack for that and I much appreciate it! ^.^ I do like to think Rarity must have a fun sense of humor beneath those carefully cultivated manners of hers, and I can only imagine Applejack would be delightful to tease. As for the size, you present a very valid point, I think!

Thanks so much again, I will take it to heart. ^.^


*tsks and shakes head* Yes, see that is exactly what I'm talking about! Poor Rarity and Applejack, they need more love! ;(

Well I'll continue to do my part at least! And yes, having something of an entrepreneurial spirit myself, that is one thing that I very much admire about Rarity's character, too. ^_~


Oh wow, thank you dear! I'm glad you approve of the piece, as well as the larger size (since that was a bit different for me, it's nice to receive some feedback). And yes I put a bit more time than usual into this one which is nice in a way, but the other side of that double-edged sword is that I tend to be much more critical of anything I put more effort into. I guess that's only natural though...

Anyway thanks again, and yes hopefully more to come soon enough. ^^

Favo said... Reply to comment
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BND said... Reply to comment

I certainly appreciate the amount of love that Rarity gets from your blog. ;P

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Oh, well thank you so much for that, I'm so happy you enjoy it! That's why I make art after all, to share.

And yes, Rarity! I shall continue to do my part, I promise you. ^_~


Yay~! I'm most happy to hear it; it's always a delight to be in the company of fellow fans, after all! ;)

Pogosama said... Reply to comment

You got the nightly roundup image for the one year anniversary of MLP: FiM!

Hooray! :D

Nyxilis said... Reply to comment

Love the picture, especially the expressions. The only way I can imagine them if AJ wasn't going to pounce and take the hat back! Also agree that Rarity hardly gets enough love, both her and AJ lead to my favorite episodes~

Side note, I actually know and have read that particular story. For once. >D

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Haha I saw that, such an honor indeed! Thank you my friend, it was indeed a lovely surprise. ^.^


Thank you very much! As a formerly-aspiring animator, I always made a special effort to study the subtleties of good "acting" with characters; to really convey their thoughts and feelings as much as possible with expressions and such. So when people make a point to comment on that in my work, I take it as very high praise indeed. ^_^

And yes, as I said that story is one of the very few I've gotten into... I remember seeing it pop up on EqD and getting such nice reviews that I decided to give it a chance one morning when I had time. It started off a little more slowly, but I guess somewhere along the line I got myself hooked!

SharkMachine said... Reply to comment

Really awesome, but it would be nice to have this at least in 1920x1200 resolution.

This kind of art is something I'd love to have as my desktop background.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Hello! Thank you very much for the very nice compliments, I'm so happy to hear that you enjoy the picture! I'm afraid you really do have a point about the size, and I'm only sorry I don't have a larger resolution version stashed away somewhere that I could offer you (the above image is the original working size). I'm very flattered you find the art and subject matter to be desktop-worthy though, that is extremely kind of you.

In my more recent fanarts, or at least the more "finished" pieces I have made an effort to start working at higher resolutions, in response to popular demand. Anyhow and again, I very much appreciate your taking the time to comment, thank you.