Thursday, October 27, 2011

Drawfriend Doodle-Roundup #3

See my commentary about the way I title these things on my last roundup post... I still don't know how appropriate it is. Oh well though.

Anyhow, yay, some more new artwork to share, already! Thank goodness for days off. I was able to get a few little sketches of days past colored up today, have found a few potential qualifiers for a place to live (one to be seen tomorrow), and have this week's recorded episode of America's Next Top Model to watch a little bit later tonight (joy~)... life is good for the moment. So on that happy note, have some pony-doodles.

I don't care if I've said it before, Applejack truly needs more love, and I at least intend to do my best to show her some! Despite the more finished look to this picture (as compared to most of my other pony doodles) I actually got this done in pretty record time... I surprised myself actually.

Yay Applejack. <3

Ahaha, talk about a speed-doodle! This picture was drawn and colored very quickly, but it turned out decent enough despite this, I suppose. Embrace the excessive cuteness that is Fluttershy.

Ahhh my favorite guilty pleasure (well next to Mexican food that is.. *aherm*)... I told you all you're bound to get this sooner or later. And usually sooner. For those who are so inclined, have some implied Rarijack fluffiness, and for those who are not so, err... feel free to interpret this as you will!

Though it is a bit belated now, I told Derpy on her EqD birthday thread that I would draw her a fanart, and I meant it! I know it's not much but I like to hope she'd enjoy it all the same. This was also my first time drawing our favorite wonky pegasus and I very much enjoyed the experience. ^^

And lastly, have something a little bit different from me... some excessively (probably obnoxiously) cute chibi-ponies. I doodled these for fun a week or two ago and decided to color them for sharing, in a completely different style than my usual MLP fare (just to mix things up a bit I suppose). Yes~

Well, that's all for now friends! With any luck I shall be back with more sometime within the next week or so, including another commissioned work that is currently in the planning and development stages, haha. Until then dears~!



BND said... Reply to comment

It does look a bit more complete than some; The shadows seem a bit more vibrant.

Regardless of how quickly it was drawn, I can always appreciate excessively cute Fluttershy <3

Rarijack may not be my preference, but you definitely make them look cute together.

Yay Derpy! It's nice seeing her drawn in your style. ^_^

And, I daresay, the levels of cuteness coming off of those chibi-ponies is near lethal. XP

Quite the nice roundup this week, WD. :)

TomTheRock said... Reply to comment

I love your art style, my favorite is the fluttershy one.

Favo said... Reply to comment
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Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

'But underneath, ah'm still a mare.'

(Great, everyone can see us. My hutch cred is SHOT.)

'I feel... safe, sitting here.'
'Don't rightly know what ta say ta that.'
'Then talk about apples, like you always do.'


'And now, witness the power of my FULLY ARMED AND OPERATIONAL pony eyes!'

Kateasaurus said... Reply to comment

Ahhh! Chibi ponies! I just got diabetes from the cuteness!

I agree on AJ needing more love! Can't wait to finish the plushie I'm making of her. :D

Favo said... Reply to comment
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jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

Another great batch of drawings and sketches. Applejack looks quite lovely in that first drawing; makes me wonder if she wears the hat and ponytail to keep the stallions from hitting on her all the time.

The Fluttershy & Angel sketch is delightful; Fluttershy's perfect for quick doddles, with her long, flowing mane and tail easily allowing for appealing compositions. You've also captured Angel perfectly here; IMO, Angel and Spike both really deserve more attention in fanart.

I've mentioned before that I adore shipping drawings that could also be drawing from a close friendship, and this is no exception; their expressions and body language (Rarity perfectly at ease, AJ just slightly less so) are perfect. I doubt I'll ever think of Rarijack as a couple that could actually happen, but it's a cute and entertaining pairing to think about.

It's nice to see Derpy in your style, and this pic does fit nicely with the happy-go-lucky personality she has in my headcanon. And those chibi ponies are certainly cute and uber-chibi; I enjoy seeing different takes on our little ponies, and this worked quite well.

Thanks for sharing these, and I look forward to seeing some (or all) of them on an upcoming Drawfriend!

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment

AAAAAAGHH everyone, that house I just went to see was absolutely perfect... it even had a paved courtyard with an outdoor fireplace~! <3 <3 Oh please, please do wish me luck on my application; I'd love to be able to call it my new home!

And meep, so many happy comments..!


Thank you so much as always my friend! I'm so glad to hear that you like them all and even including the Rarijack, seeing as how it is a rival pairing of yours. ^_~ I always appreciate your generous comments!


Oh well thank you so much, that's very nice of you to say! And yes, considering how incredibly speedy that Fluttershy doodle was, I will allow myself to say that I think she turned out rather well, too.


I personally still feel that my best pony-art to date was the one with Rarity stealing Applejack's hat, technically-speaking at least, but thank you for that, you're kind as always! And yes, perhaps I might have overdone it with the cuteness on those chibis, just a tad... ;)

Regarding the Apple movie I have not actually seen it yet, though I've certainly heard of it and seen takeoffs from it all over the place. I'm a little scared to watch it if I'm being honest, haha!


^.^ Well if you'll believe it I actually did think of you as I was working on that picture... I'm very glad you liked it.

And yes, though I usually avoid trying to rank the ponies seeing as how they can vary with my mood, I can certainly agree that Rarity is my most favorite, but followed closely by Applejack. ^^


I think it's quite safe to say at this point that you understand me quite well! Though now I really want a sound bite of the line where Rarity tells Applejack to just talk about apples as usual... classic.


Eek yes, that delightful work of plushie-goodness... I just saw and commented on her before this! Really, I can hardly wait to see your completed efforts. ^.^

And thank you! I guess my next chibi-pony work, if there is one, will have to come with some insulin shots!


Oh, yes I really hope so... that would just be lovely if they all managed to be posted! Though I am happy to take what I can get, of course.

And thank you so much once again, you always do give me such lovely feedback! I agree with your thoughts on Applejack... though I do of course love her for her charming ruggedness, The Best Night Ever was ample proof to me that underneath that somewhat rough exterior there is certainly a very pretty pony. Even if it's not in her nature to portray herself that way all the time.

And yes, Angel... he's my favorite part of that drawing most definitely. ^.^ Even though I know he loves Fluttershy, it's my understanding of his character that he gets exasperated with her constant (and though well-intentioned, often overbearing) nurturing and affection, haha.

Regarding the Rarijack yes, I do believe you and I had a brief conversation about it once before, or at least I'm pretty sure I've made mention about how I'm not much for sauciness in shipping and generally prefer cute fluffiness. And while I very much doubt how well most (if not all) pairings would ever really work in the context of the series, they are definitely fun to imagine sometimes. ;)

Glad you like my Derpy too, as I've noticed you seem partial to her character, as well as the chibi-overload. Oh, yes, and before I forget to mention it I wanted to say I very much like your new icon, very chic!

Kitt said... Reply to comment

Rarijack! <3.

Favo said... Reply to comment
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Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

You like your shipping sweet, m'dear. For a love to be true, you must love your partner for who they are.

jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

Best wishes on your application! It sounds like you may have both a quick and a happy ending to your househunting saga, which would be great.

And thanks for the compliment on my Photo Finish icon; as soon as I saw that drawing in Tuesday's Drawfriend, I knew I wanted to use it, though I'm afraid it loses much of its impact when icon-sized. I actually plan to several different icons featuring characters I think don't get enough exposure. Speaking of which, would it be OK if I cropped your drawing of Angel to use as an icon, too?

About shipping, if I haven't droned on about it too much already: when I first started getting involved with the online fandom, shipping rubbed me the wrong way because I loved the show's emphasis on friendship, and I was hoping for a respite from the nearly-universal emphasis on romantic pairings/triangles/what-have-you in most modern TV shows. However, I've gradually concluded that most shippings in the MLP fandom are light-hearted what-ifs, not meant to be taken seriously, rather than fans saying that's how it should be (or how it is, under the surface) in the actual show. Looked at that way, and handled with "cute fluffiness" (as you do so well), I can enjoy shipping artwork and comics on that level.

Granted, I still get too easily annoyed at certain pairings (AppleDash, Twixie, Vinyltavia for some reason) or at people pulling some small action/dialog from the show and using it to justify their OTP, but hopefully I'm getting better at practicing "love and tolerance" when they come up. On the other hand, there are some pairings I've grown to enjoy more easily, such as, yes, Rarijack (the "Odd Couple" of the mane 6) and Flutterpie; and I think Twist & Snails (at least when they're portrayed slightly older) might end up being the second shipping I can accept within the context of the show, after Lyrabon.

(Sorry if that's more than anyone wanted to read of my blathering.) *^^*

As for Derpy, yes, she is definitely my favorite minor character, to the point that I like her about as much as the mane 6. It would take quite a while to explain why, and to be honest I don't think I entirely understand it myself, but so long as she's not portrayed as the village idiot or as a sad, bullied soul, she just really reaches a certain part of my heart and lifts my spirits.

OK, I've rambled on far too long on your blog by now. ;P Thanks again for sharing your delightful art with us, and if Applejack doesn't show up in tomorrow night's Drawfriend I'll try submitting her myself.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


I know right? I am very much a fan. And chances are there is plenty more where that came from, so if you are so inclined do stop by again in the future~ ^_^


I'm sure I'll draw more of the supporting and background characters eventually... I definitely love Derpy and very much enjoyed drawing her birthday picture, and some of the other ponies (Lyra and Bon Bon, for instance) very much appeal to me as well. I really draw fanart for my own amusement so I tend to focus on the Mane 6 since I like them best, but we'll see.

And thank you so much! It really is SO nice... there's even a balcony in the room, and I NEED a balcony; I've wanted one all my life! Bwaa but yes, I won't start rambling or get my hopes up too much yet, but thank you again, I appreciate it!


You caught me... I am and I suppose always have been a hopeless romantic, I guess. And of course you are quite right, in that.


Oh you certainly don't need to thank me for that. I am truly sorry that you've been having a difficult time lately... if I was able to brighten your day at least a little, I'm glad about that.

And thank you very much, it would be so nice to have that worry off my shoulders, definitely. <=)


Thanks so much for the well-wishes, and not at all; I quite enjoy these conversations really! The whole shipping thing is interesting to me because I feel quite the same way as you, for the most part (I will admit Vinyltavia has grown on me a bit as time has gone on, though I certainly don't take that one seriously in any way, and I can accept one-sided Twixie shipping well enough). But otherwise I concur completely. In fact, now that I think about it I believe the reason I frequently find myself disliking AppleDash (aside from my bias towards its rival pairing Rarijack of course ;) I tease) is that they seem to be the shipping fans who most frequently try to support their pairing with canon content, which is just silly really.

In regards to Derpy I think I understand how you feel... I've seen enough of your comments on her fanworks before to get a good idea. And again I agree completely. The fact that people have created such a charming, warm and well-rounded personality for her character is heart-warming to me, really. ^_^

But anyhow, yes, now I am beginning to ramble I suppose. You're quite welcome about the icon comment (Photo Finish was one of my favorite one-shot characters, definitely), and I certainly have no problem with your using my Angel... I'd find it quite flattering really! And as far as Applejack haha... thank you, you certainly have my blessings to try submitting her, though in my experience that's quite hit-and-miss. But I very much appreciate the thought. ^_~

jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

I'm very sorry to hear you're having a rough time, and I continue to keep you in my thoughts and hope things improve somehow.

jodyjm13 said... Reply to comment

Thanks for permission to use your Angel as an icon!

And now, I go!

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


And now all I want to do is make some Photo Finish fanart...

Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

Time to make THE MAGIC!

You know you cannot resist, just as I could not resist that joke.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment



So now the pressure is really on, I suppose!

Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

I'm afraid you may have defeated me. It's been stewing in my head for two days, and now I can't imagine anything sweeter and more romantic than Rarity resting her head against Applejack's shoulder while Applejack explains what will be done with the latest crop based on market prices in different parts of Equestria.

Just think about that. Within thirty seconds your heart will melt.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Turns out I didn't even need thirty seconds actually. That mental image appeals to both my sappy romantic heart and (apparently) bizarre sense of humor so much at the same time. Somepony really needs to write that fanfic... I'd do it myself if I wasn't quite so busy these days. And not to mention a terrible writer.

Frankensteinbeck said... Reply to comment

Don't look at me. I'm somewhere beyond 'incredible' as a writer, but that means I got another book to finish and no leftover writing space for a quiet little story about how happy Rarity is in Applejack's solid and practical and simply, openly kind company.

Also, I may be poking you to see how much I can make you squee.

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Well you can stop now, it's working already!! *dons (very stylish and well-polished, of course) suit of virtual armor*

Oh and don't worry about it; I wasn't looking at you (or at least, not with such intent I wasn't). Besides I'm presumably the only nutter on the internet who would get any satisfaction out of such a story... everypony else would be all "wait wut aggerculture, wat is this I don't even..." Probably rightly so.

So, yes, I suppose I shall just have to content myself with my charming mental image, yay~

TrueGrey said... Reply to comment

Look at Chibi Rainbowdash, then at this, now back at dash....

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Haha that is hilarious. That certainly isn't something I did intentionally, or at least not consciously, anyway! ^_~

thps48 said... Reply to comment

Bloody. Chibi ponies. <3 *has heart attack*

WhiteDiamonds said... Reply to comment


Death by ponies, hahaha! Really, is there a better way to die than by the hoof of an adorable candy-colored equine?

But seriously, I am glad you find them endearing, thank you~ ^.^