Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Massive Post of Pony Miscellanea

Good evening darlings! At long last, after weeks of sitting on some of these things I've returned to the internet and find myself with sufficient free time to contribute to the pony fandom once again, so have one massive compilation post filled with various artworks, photos, and other assorted tidbits, some of which are long overdue at this point! First up is a very special project, made as a birthday gift for a very dear friend of mine, the fabulous and exceedingly talented fanfiction writer Ponydora Prancypants. As some of you may know, I have been employed at a ceramics studio at least part time for a good while now, and amongst my other duties I am occasionally responsible for painting ceramic pieces or helping to teach others to do so. For my notorious coffee-guzzling friend I decided that a travel tumbler featuring his favorite pony might be an appropriate gift, so I painted a scene of Rarity inspired by a deviantART muro drawing on a preexisting bisque piece that was special ordered for just the occasion, which is fully functional in addition to being a one-of-a-kind handpainted artwork.Unfortunately due to the three-dimensional nature of the piece it doesn't photograph exceptionally well (even if I was a decent photographer, which I'm sorry to say that I'm not really) but still, with any luck you all can get the general idea.

And a couple additional photos, including a bonus shot of the underside. I'm happy to say that he seemed to enjoy it very much!

Next, have some assorted fanart pieces, first of which is Spike who until recently, I think I had only ever hastily sketched once or twice, I'm ashamed to say. This picture was inspired by my dearest friend Harwick, whose descriptions of Spike's character as a youngster who "needs to be put to bed, reminded not to give himself tummy aches, all of that" in a post struck me as being so incredibly sweet and endearing that I was instantly consumed with the mental image of a cute sleepy Spike in footie pajamas, which I just had to draw. Now, while Spike is a baby dragon I realize he's not an absolute infant and honestly has shown incredibly maturity for his age in the past, but still, I really couldn't help myself with this one... please don't hate me Spike fans~ ^.^;;

To help make up for Spike's apparent lack of indignation in the above image, perhaps, have some assorted doodles of him dealing with the others' reactions. I have to say, that after all of this time of never drawing him I found this exceptionally fun to do.

And lastly in the vein of new artwork, have an adorable Applejack that I simply couldn't resist coloring. Because she is a cute precious pony. Darling Applejaaaack~~! <3 <3

And that is all on the fanart front! Or, at least when it comes to my own works. For other assorted fangeekery on my part as well as some photos of various goodies, please read more after the break! <3